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Written on Monday, February 19, 2018
Pros: easy to blend, great for evening and daytime makeup
Cons: a small fall out

Hello there!

I hesitated for a long time to try this new eyeshadow palette by Maybelline. The reviews of it were rather controversial but still the shades in the palette made me want it so much that I eventually bought it.

Compact packaging

It’s very lightweight and plastic. It feels very flimsy and I don’t even want to take it with me while travelling.

The palette comes with 12 shades. On the back of the palette you’ll find instructions of how to make-up your eyes with these shades. It’s so convenient if you don’t know what to start with or if you’re just a newbie in the makeup world.

The palette also houses a small two-sided brush. On the one side it offers a usual sponge application and the other suggests a (useless to my taste) brush.

No mirror here.

Application and staying power

The products are very easy to apply and blend. Of course there are some shades (three exactly) which are better to apply with your fingertip rather than with a brush. The pigmentation isn’t bad and it varies from one shade to the other. But in general rather good results here in terms of pigmentation.

As for the staying power, well, it’s rather difficult to assess the shades for me, as I always apply all my eyeshadows over a primer. On my skin these eyeshadows don’t last the entire day but I blame only my shitty primer here. I’ve never applied this product on non-primed lids.

Some more details of the eyeshadows:

In total we have 2 matte shades and 10 shimmer textures. Some of them have more shimmer hence they fall out during application.

The palette screams autumn. It isn’t warm-toned but it isn’t cool-toned either. There are more red and bronze colors. They’ll be great for daytime as well as for evening makeup looks. I especially like the way these shadows look on girls with gray eyes.

These swatches were done over my primed skin but even without a primer the color payoff is good.

The first row

Pearly shade. It’s easy to apply as it doesn’t fall out. It’ll be great to highlight inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone.

Bronze. This one also doesn’t fall out and applies beautifully. The pigmentation is fine.

Red-brick color with small shimmer. This one is less pigmented than the previous shades but it also doesn’t fall out.

Golden. Well pigmented, no fall out.

Faint golden shade. This one can fall off the brush, so use your fingertip to apply it as an accent color to your eyes.

Light-brown matte shade. It’s so nice to the crease. The pigmentation is okay.

Second row.

Champagne shade. It falls out of the brush. The color payoff is average so use it as an accent shade.

Red or burgundy-red. It’s not very well pigmented, though it gives off the color well. No fall out.

Bright bronzy shade. Good pigmentation, no fall out.

It’s difficult to describe this shade. It falls off the brush but gives good pigmentation.

Burgundy. It’s a rather interesting shade that can be worn alone. It’s greatly pigmented though falls out a little.

Dark brown, matte hue. Good pigmentation. It’ll be nice for darkening the outer “V” of the eyes.

Makeup looks, I took these photos in the lamplight.

Natural light

The bottom line.

This palette has turned out to be rather good for me. I was impressed with the pigmentation of the hues, as this is my first eyeshadow palette by Maybelline. Honestly, I expected something worse. Of course I can’t say the product is perfect, as there are some shades that fall out during application or don’t want to get on a brush. I like the colors here and I guess they’ll be perfect for the fall. I also appreciate the presence of one matte hue to the palette.

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Green Sky recommends Maybelline The Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette

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