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Written on Monday, December 3, 2018
Pros: comfortable, handy tube, it doesn't dry out my lips, non-bleeding, non-sticky, well pigmented
Cons: it doesn't stay on well

Do you love lipsticks as much as I do? :)When I question myself what cosmetics I could buy (you know, there are times when it seems that you don’t need to buy anything new but still it feels as though you have to), I always opt for a lipstick at such moments. And you know, I’m rather devoted to some shades - either red or nude of different textures, which I haven’t tried before with this or that color. :)So, you can see that this time I grabbed one more nude lipstick again. Smile

Size - 6.4 ml. That’s a lot, given that I’ve got about 50 other lipsticks in my stash.

It comes packed as the Clarins lip gloss - a soft tube with a sponge applicator. With the only exception when the Clarins offers a lot of small holes, here we have only one, which is huge. It makes it so easy for me to overdo the product.

The formula has a distinctive smell. It smells like something sweet. The aroma doesn’t linger and I haven’t detected any flavor from it either.

I heard them always saying that it’s a “lip gloss”, even though the packaging states “a lip paint”

The texture is far from being like a lip gloss. It’s thick and pliant. It applies with a thin layer but it’s already enough to cover up my natural lip pigment.

By the way, the swatch on my hand shows the most true-to-life color of the product.

It appears beautiful on my lips. It’s like a lipstick pigmentation- and coverage-wise, but here the gloss is more boosted than of an average lipstick. In the photo, which I took in a sunny day, the color looks lighter to what I see in real life.

It feels comfy on my lips and it isn’t as sticky as many other lip glosses. The formula never looks as though it's gonna bleed at any moment. My lips aren’t dry at all and when it’s freezing cold outside, it even feels as though they are protected and nurtured.

As for the bad, if you overdo this product, it won’t boost shine or anything but there will be a nasty white film over your inner lip for sure, like in the photo below:

The staying power isn’t phenomenal. The gloss came off within an hour and a half, given that I didn’t talk too much within that time, 3 minutes maximum. The fading is delicate and my lips don’t appear as though covered with baking paper.

By the way, I applied the gloss over my dry lips, which were a little bit chapped, but the formula evened everything out so well that the chapping isn’t even visible.

I can’t say anything about skin-friendly components but I know that my lips are always nourished with it on. Thanks to that glossy finish, my lips look interesting and more voluminous.

In a nutshell - I’m pleased with this lip gloss. The staying power isn’t fantastic here, but it’s a product for me when I don’t have to look festive or talk too much. This is the only gripe.

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Camaro_dreaming recommends Maybelline Color Jolt Lip Paint

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