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Written on Thursday, June 22, 2017
Pros: beautiful colors
Cons: difficult to blend, dry out too quickly, the quality depends on the color, you'll need time to get used to it

Hello everybody!

After 2 years, I finally took photos of all my make-up and collected them together.

Yeah, for two years I've been using these shadows all the way around and my opinion has turned out to be pretty unpleasant ... BUT! I'll tell you about everything in order.

My collection has 6 shades (well, at the moment, I've already gotten rid of one, because I had some trouble with it) -the four of them are mother-of-pearl / shimmer, and two matte ones.

THE PACKAGING the eyeshadows are in, is made of transparent glass through which you can clearly see the shade. The plastic lid is getting scratched with time.

Each package has a sticker with the name, as well as the list of ingredients and other instructions related to the product.

The size is 4 ml. And that’s a lot. Because, even if you use these every day, they’ll still start getting dried before you’ll have the chance to use them till the end.

HOW TO USE. You can apply them with your finger or a flat synthetic brush or with a sponge for the smokey eyes.

♥ I prefer a finger, because when I touch them, the shadows are melting and applied more easily.

♥ I use them without a base, but I always powder my eyelid.

By the way, they stay on well. But sometimes they roll down (so it’s not true what they promise about the super lasting power!)

Since in my collection there are six shades and all of them are of completely different quality, I will describe each shade separately and I’ll assess each one. In the end, I’ll tell my verdict: do you really need them or you can skip buying Smile

Let’s go…


Perhaps I'll start my review from the absolute outsider # 05 "Eternal Gold"

This color was the very first one I bought, because I saw the make-up in the magazine, which was made with this color, I realized that this is the "perfect gold" for make-up ... I was so wrong!

THE COLOR is golden with a mega-huge shimmer. It was mixed with something gel-like and actually this is how these shadows were created.

THE TEXTURE from the very beginning it was gel-like and was taken on the finger without problems, but the color applied with patchy spots. When I wanted to layer it, I received a massive patchiness. When it was dried, it seemed as though I had fish scales on my eyes.

After the six months of being in my beauty bags, the shadow dried up and it was simply unreal to use it any more.


Of course I’m aware that I probably didn’t get a high-quality product, maybe it was stored incorrectly and so on ... But damn, I'm so upset ...! Such a beautiful color and this quality ... If you still want to buy that color, I’d advise you wait for it to get dried a bit and then experiment ...

But as for me, well, I don’t recommend it.

Only once I managed to create a beautiful make-up, and I still don’t understand how it came out so well

It’s two years old, by the way:)


So, let’s continue. And the next color is #45 Infinite White

THE COLOR, texture-wise it reminds me of #05 very much. A lot of white and mother-of-pearl shimmer mixed with something that’s difficult to make out, and the texture is very difficult to apply.

THE TEXTURE also reminds me of the previous color. Sometimes it applies patchy, but can be corrected to look more or less decent. I hardly ever use it as the primer and always ask myself, why they didn’t do this color matte.


I don’t recommend buying it. I did this make-up with the help of the eyeshadows by Eva Mosaic, Mary Kay and MAC “Vanilla” pigment. As a primer and the color above I used #45.


# 55 Immortal Charcoal. While buying that color, I was thinking about the gorgeous blended eyeliner. But this product is very difficult to use as an eyeliner, as its texture isn’t smooth enough, as a liner should have. And, when I actually tried to create the line, the eyeshadows rolled up in small clumps.

THE COLOR. It’s a very simple dark grey. And even the smallest shimmer can’t save it and somehow define the eyes when it’s applied. It’s too simple for me.

THE TEXTURE is very soft. It’s easy to apply with a finger, if needed it can be layered. It can also be blended quite easily.

MY VERDICT ★ ★ ★ for the simplicity of the color. If you like that color, then buy it. The quality is good, you’ll use it and will be happy Smile

The make-up is done with the only color #55 and applied it with finger and blended the edges.

Here, I added a liner with #60 to the previous make-up look and blended it a little bit.



#60 Timeless black I bought it together with the golden and grey. I wanted to use it as the eyeliner, but (the whole line of Color Tattoo) they’re too thick and can’t be used as the eyeliner.

THE COLOR is a black matte one. Nicely pigmented. It can be used as a primer for dark eyeshadows that are badly pigmented, and don’t look good without a primer.

THE TEXTURE is thick and gel-like. It takes out on the finger nicely and can be layered and blended, if needed.

MY VERDICT ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I recommend it. It’s a great primer for the evening make-up.

My make-up was done with #60 as a primer and Bourjois #07 Noir Emeraude eyeshadows, gel eyeliner by MNY in the Black color, MAC "Vanilla" on the brow bone. And the eyelashes by Ardel- #120Demi

Inglot pigment #85, I blended it in the crease with the light color from the BeYu palette and applied the white pencil on the brow bone.


#87 Mauve Crush. Wow, it’s such an amazing chameleon color. But it looks great only in the packaging. You will never get the same color on the eyes as in the package, even if heavily applied.

THE COLOR - chameleon, which includes lilac and blue shades that sparkle with cold pink in the sun.

THE TEXTURE is metallic and beautiful, as the base is of shimmer and gel mix. This color, alike 05 and 45 has a very gentle texture. And, despite the fact that it looks best in a thin layer, you can still layer it, if you want. The most important is not to overdo, as to not to get the “fish scales”.

MY VERDICT ★ ★ ★ ★ ★, despite it being beautiful only in the package. I did very beautiful and mysterious make-up with it. If you like to experiment and grab attention, then you need it. I definitely recommend it.

My make-up is done with #87, applied on the eyelid. I defined the crease with Max Factor "Earth Spirits" in # 105 Terra Firma + the eyeshadows by MAC "Star Violet" , matte liquid liner by MUFE "Ink Liner"



#40 Permanent Taupe. What can I say here, how could I ignore the most popular color in the entire line? Of course I couldn’t!

THE COLOR - grayish brown, matte taupe, but still, it has the satin casting. The color that should definitely suit any girl. On me, it doesn't look as great as it should. It makes my eyes tired and makes me look older than I am. I’m very upset about it Sad The only way I can use it is together with the Inglot pigment #22

THE TEXTURE is thick and flexible. It can be layered and blended easily. It’s also a great primer for the dry textures of the eyeshadows.

MY VERDICT ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I don’t know how this could have happened, but I don’t like the way it looks on me. But still, I can recommend it to you.

My make-up is done with the help of #40 on the lid and I blended the light color from the BeYu palette in the crease. and on the lower lid there are turquoise color eyeshadows.

the pigment by Inglot in # 22


Summing up, I want to say that, I wasted my money on these products Sad Because:

  • first of all, the color that you see in the package is very difficult to get in your make-up (shimmer textures)
  • secondly, the quality of all the colors is so different that it makes me more upset than happy.
  • and the third is, as far as the quality of these eyeshadows isn’t good, you have to think it over how to use them then, or else you bought them in vain.

So, generalizing everything that I’ve mentioned, I can say that I don’t recommend Maybelline Color Tattoo, but there are, actually, some great colors, which can be bought and used with a great pleasure.

I’ve been using them for more than two years.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I hope that my review was useful for you, as, honestly, I want to prevent you from buying cosmetic products of a bad quality.

Sincerely yours!

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