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Written on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Well hello there! Smile

When these were released, I was so excited to try them out! I already had the eyeshadows by MAC and I wanted so much to compare them.

I bought three colors at once: #91 Crème De Rose, #93 Crème De Nudes and #97 Vintage Plum.


Let’s have a closer look at them


PACKAGING - it’s standard for the Color Tattoo collection. The products are packed in clear round glass jars.

SIZE - 4 ml (0.14 oz)

CONSISTENCY - gel-like

TEXTURE - semi-transparent

The products are easy to get on the brush or fingertip. They are also very easy to translate onto the skin. (except #97 but I’ll tell a few words about it later)



#91 Crème De Rose is a pinkish beige color that looks almost like my skin.


The products resemble in color yet they aren’t identical. MAC has warm undertone, while MNY is cool.

Consistency: MAC is creamy, MNY is gel-like

Coverage: МАС- ★★★★★, MNY- ★★★★

Longevity: both products have impressive staying power

Use as a base: both products work well as a base and eyeshadow primer

OVERALL: These two babes are very alike, if you find the MAC’s price ridiculous then you can easily swap it for the Color Tattoo. As for me, most of the time I prefer wearing MAC.

Recently I was also asked to compare the Color Tattoo eyeshadows with an eyeshadow primer from AVON. I’ve tested both of them, compared, and now I can conclude the following: they look the same in color. Yet they are absolutely different in texture. I also find the product by AVON to be more difficult to apply, as the process of drying out in the jar happens way faster than of Maybelline Color Tattoo. But still I love the product by AVON.

PRICES of the products: MNY - $6-7, MAC - $22, AVON - $3-4




#93 Crème De Nudes is a beige yellowish color that also looks like my skin color when I’m tanned. I think this color will flatter darker skinned rather than fair skinned.

  • It has semi-transparent finish

  • The formula is buildable so you can layer it to some extent. Be quick to apply the second layer while the first one is still wet.

  • Easy to apply onto the skin

  • Smooth during application

  • Works well as an eyeshadow primer.

This color is usually compared with the МАС Soft Ochre. If you ask me I think that the colors look the same yet the characteristics are different.



#97 Vintage Plum it’s a very beautiful gray lilac color. And this is all that can be listed as the advantages. It’s such a whimsical color to apply on my eyelid.

When I apply it, the color looks seamless at first, when I layer it and blend out, straight away I end up getting stains and patches. In the photo you can see the result of a lot of time spent trying to apply this color more or less evenly. Honestly, after I took the pics, I went to the bathroom and washed that makeup off as I couldn’t walk out of the house looking like that. I know that a lot of people have no difficulties working with this color. But I am through 7 hells each time I try to apply it. I don’t even know the reason for that. Maybe my jar is of a bad shipment or inappropriate storage, or maybe that’s all the results of my poor skills. Puzzled



All in all I think that MAYBELLINE guys have done a great job. They did a massive job creating these products that turned out to be good swaps for some high-end products. I don’t regret buying these eyeshadows, I had so much fun testing and comparing them!



I truly recommend trying out Maybelline Color Tattoo Creamy Mattes for you Wink


I hope that you found my review informative and helpful.


Thank you for the attention!

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