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Written on Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Pros: big brush, doesn’t flake off, doesn’t stain the upper lids, no irritation, voluminous
Cons: may be clumpy, needs additional combing, stains the eyelids while application, sticks my eyelashes together

Mascara 3

Hello there! Smile

Today, I'm writing a review of this mascara product. From the moment I logged into this website, I've wanted to write reviews for every new item in my beauty bag, but I came up with a rule of testing and trying out of it for no less than a month. I bought this mascara in May and I didn’t have enough time to try it out since I almost don’t do my makeup in summer.

But it’s autumn already and I have been wearing it a lot so I’m ready to share my opinion with you.

Please meet the MAYBELLINE The Colossal Go Extreme Volum' mascara.

As usual the promises made my heart melt:

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara; -This first double curved stem is designed to deposit an extra shot of volume onto the supersized brush. 20x Collagen Boost. A Colossal Charged Look! Why You'll Love it: Lashes look supercharged. No clump formula. For Best Results: Sweep from root to tip until a full colossal charged look is achieved. Wing it with our iconic Lasting Drama Gel Liner.

My eyelashes:

Naturally I have eyelashes that are thick, long and curled. But I’m a snob when it comes to mascaras.

Made in the USA

Outer look: We all know that tube. I think almost any girl has had a Maybelline mascara at least once in her life.

This version tube is yellow. The stopper inside is good as the brush doesn’t take out too much of the product.

The brush:

Untwisting the brush for the first time I was surprised by the size of the fluffy brush that was accurate to my eyes’ size. At that moment I had a thought that I had finally found my Holy Grail mascara. The bristles are big and cut the same.

I find this brush convenient to coat my lashes with but I admit that someone may find it too big to coat the outer lashes.


For the first two weeks of use, the product was rather runny and liquid. But later on it has become okay and cream-like in consistency.


It’s black. Nothing to add. It’s a classical intense black color.


It comes off easily with a micellar water or facial cleanser.

Sensitive eyes:

This mascara doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. Once I even got the brush into my eye by accident. It didn’t become red or irritated.


9.5 ml


Well guys, hands down here! I don’t see any reason to post a photo after 12 hours of wearing (but I’ll still do), as even after the day when I forgot to remove my makeup overnight, I woke up in the morning with my eyeshadows faded and travelled down while mascara was still at its place. It didn’t even flake off or crumbled.

6 hours of wear:

The mascara doesn’t imprint on my lower lid during the day. It’s a very important factor for me, as I love thick lower lashes. But usually it happens that after a couple of hours of wearing I look like a panda with black circles under eyes. As for this mascara nothing of that kind ever happens with me even after 15 hours of wear.

Volume and length:

My lashes are flexible even after a long time of wearing.

I didn’t notice any significant lengthening effect, it just coated the fair tips of my lashes. But I noticed the volume!

1 coat:

Even after the first coating my lashes look stuck together. Not so critical but still.

2 coats:

Well the challenge begins. If I coat my lashes twice I have to separate them from one another. I do it with a needle.

3 coats:

I applied 3 coats of the mascara as I was doing an evening makeup and had to look my best. I didn’t see any point to apply three coats as the lashes look almost the same as 2 times coated.

They do look voluminous but still they are stuck together.

Before separation with a needle:

And after:

Entire look:

Sometimes this mascara gives super voluminous lashes but they look too ugly. Ugly enough to frighten people in the streets. It looks as though I was applying my mascara not with a brush but with a spade… in the dark. Thank God it happened only twice to me. I think that was because of the stopper’s failure.

The product dries out within a minute. But be careful and don’t start separating your lashes before you are sure that the product is completely dry on you lashes. Otherwise you’ll press them to your lid and they’ll stay there for good.

Where to buy?

Maybelline is one of the most famous drugstore brands. So you can buy it everywhere. Smile


$9 now. I’m surprised a little bit, as I can still remember the times when I could buy a Maybelline cosmetic product when it was a week before payday and I had almost run out of money.

So this mascara is nostalgia for me. Nostalgia for school and school years when I was raving about the Maybelline mascaras.

For the time I’ve been using this mascara it hasn’t become drier.

The bottom line:

MAYBELLINE The Colossal Go Extreme Volum' is ideal for evening make-up. But I can get a daywear natural effect with it too when I don’t press the brush too much and just barely touch my lashes with it.


Yet I have to try hard to make my lashes look neat and natural. So if you are looking for a product for naturally looking lashes then toss this product.


Sometimes they say I have have cat eyes, thanks Shy Well in real life they sometimes name me “the girl with huge eyes”. Well, honestly that is all because of the make-up. Smile

If I don’t do my eye make-up my eyes are average and almond shaped. I “create” the cat-eye effect by wearing an eyeliner and a mascara.

If you want to get a ton of compliments and be known thanks to your “huge eyes” then keep on reading.

When I coat my eyelashes with a mascara I distribute it over the all lashes at first. Then I coat my outer lashes for 10-15 times motion of the brush. At the same time I’m trying to drag my lashes to the temples. When it comes to lower lashes I coat them also dragging to the temples with the brush. That’s a very easy trick but believe me, the effect is stunning, especially if you follow it with an eyeliner.

And these are all the secrets.

Thanks for being with me! Sexy

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Wilder Wein recommends Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Volum' Mascara

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