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Written on Monday, August 21, 2017
Pros: doesn’t run or smudge, easy to apply, easy to create wings, good brush, long-lasting, pleasant texture
Cons: difficult to remove on the first try

Hello there. I want to share with you my experience of creating wings on my eyes. Today I’ll show you 4 different types of them and I also will share some of my life hacks on how to make the process easier.

Let’s get started. My eyeliner is Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama, Black Collection 07- Black Chrome.

The very first thing I fell for was the design.


Pluses of the product:

  • included brush. And I find it very handy in use.

  • Lasting power of the product. I’m stunned with it. It stays on my eyes till the very moment I remove it. But we’ll speak about the lasting power a little bit later.

  • Pleasant texture

  • Build-able formula

  • Doesn't run or smudge

  • Travel-friendly


I held my hand under water and as you can see the line lived that through. Maybe just faded a little bit. It means the following - if you cry or your eyes become watery, your wings will stay in place. Smile


  • Since the product is long-lasting and wear-proof, the problem of removing it arises itself. I can remove this product only with a facial make-up remover.

  • The brush dries with the product which means that you have to wash it each time before or after use.


And now I want to tell you and show the 4 different types of wings I like to create with the help of this eyeliner.

The line with a “tick”:

- draw the line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer. Like making your eye wider

- open your eyes and fill in the gap with the product. Continue dragging your line to the outer corner.

- make sure there are no patches or unfilled areas left and apply your mascara.

Whole look:


Plushy drawn eyeliner:

Here I’ll show you my secret way of how I create these long and even wings on my eyes. I think all of you have different sachets of products at home that you have no time (or desire) to try. I need one of those. I place it near my eye, choose the angle I want and draw the line. If necessary I wipe off the excess with a cotton pad and that’s it. The wings are ready.

(you can also use sticky tape or a small piece of cardboard, or even your credit card, everything will do, if it’s flat and steady). The only thing you should make sure before drawing lines is to keep your sachet (or anything else) very tightly to your skin to make the line more intense and precised.

Also, don’t forget about the mascara and here you are.

Whole look:


Small lines for everyday wear:

- To create this type of line you can use a brush that’s included or use another one to your liking.

- Draw a small line which will come along your lash line, making your eye look bigger

- Drag this line to the outer corner of your eye

- And here again, a little bit of mascara and you are ready to go:


Dramatic eyeliner:

- Here you’ll need to start creating a line from the very corner of your eye. Try to create it as thin as possible gradually making it thicker.

- As I described in the second option, you’ll need to use a sachet. And draw the same line but a tad thicker. (Sorry, my camera was unfocused)

One more tip: To make your liner look the same (you know it sometimes happens when the wing on the right eye looks up, while on the left one it looks left or is straight) you should orientate on your eyebrows. If your brows are rightly shaped and angled, your liner will do too! The only issue is to place the sachet into a right position.

Here also apply the mascara and a bit of a product on the lower lash line.

- If your wing is badly shaped or smudged, use a concealer to correct them.

Whole look:



This Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner is fantastic. Even if you can’t do your liner, I’m sure that my tips and lifehacks will definitely help you to learn how. Or at least defining your lashline with it is also a very good option. The product applies well and stays on very long.

I used to draw wings only when I attended special occasions, but from the moment this product appeared at my home, I want to draw them everyday. It’s my fave and I’ll definitely buy some other colors.

Price: $6-9 depending on the store.

Have pleasure experimenting with this eyeliner! Smile

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Alenka_Elfy recommends Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner

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