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Written on Friday, June 21, 2019

Hello everybody! :)Makeup primer is a really weird piece of makeup. It feels like I need it but at the same time, I don’t. The problem lies within finding a GOOD primer. Once a brand announces its newly released primer, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Lately, I couldn’t withstand and bought this MAYBELLINE Face Studio Primer.

Actually, this primer was released long ago, last spring, as far as I remember. I just wanted to test it out thoroughly to write a review. The primer comes with two versions: matte and hydrating. I opted for the second one because somehow I feel like the “matte” product always has more silicone components in the ingredients.

I don’t actually know what pushed me into purchasing this primer because in fact, it’s the same as a moisturizer.

And now, the outer appearance.

The primer really resembles a moisturizer, even its packaging hints so. It’s a simple tube with a screw-on top cap. It doesn’t stand out with its design however, I can still make out it on my vanity table among all other makeup stuff. The blue tube is definitely eye-catching. The lettering is branded and Maybelline inspired.


I don’t want you to think that I’m being picky but I still want my makeup primers and facial serums to look more eye-catching and interesting. I mean, they could adorn their packages with something unique and remarkable.


Dispenser- It’s a small and thin nozzle which dispenses the product when you press the tube. You can control the amount of the product that comes out. I always try to use as little of it as possible (a pea-sized drop is enough for my entire face).


The product is unscented and it feels odd to me. Maybe I just got used to its smell or it faded out but it’s still odd.


Consistency and texture- Here I want you to be very attentive. The primer is white in color, as a moisturizer indeed. So, my question is - what the heck is there to pay my money for? As I can guess, a primer is a multi-tasking product. It is to smooth out the skin, make it glowing with health, as well as even out its texture. In a word, photoshop in a tube.


The texture is average in thickness and it’s rather watery. It’s nice to spread over my skin but it still leaves some sticky filming finish behind. This is a good reason to take off a star, I think. I assume the primer is a product that sinks in immediately.


You know, I’ve noticed that my skin feels terribly filmy and sticky after this product application. And that feeling lingers and stays with me until I wash all my makeup off.


I googled and found out that it’s a common problem.

One more disappointing thing is that all my hopes about this product didn’t come true. I can’t see any skin texture smoothness, or glowing finish or anything good.

But in fact, I get:

  • my foundation creasing over this primer because it doesn’t sink in;

  • my complexion shines with oil like there’s no tomorrow;

  • it doesn’t do anything about my pores

  • my makeup moves within 2 hours of application

  • and the most terrible thing is that my skin started to break out, which has never happened before. Zits, pimples, blackheads, all types of acne are now welcomed on my face.


And I want to raise the question “What the hell do I need this primer for?” I guess my skin inflamed because of a great deal of silicone in the list of ingredients. And since I don’t get anything in it, let’s leave it just like my wild guess.

The price is about $10. But what for? Why splurge on the product that must be followed with skin healing? One can easily get by with a regular moisturizer, regardless of its price.


In the end, I can never recommend this primer for purchasing. And currently, I turn down all my testing and experiments with the products like this one.

Feel free to ask questions down below!

Stay beautiful!

ХОХО, Yours, Kate ♥

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Shelushonok doesn't recommend Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Primer

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