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Written on Thursday, April 26, 2018
Pros: affordable price, convenient applicator

Hello everybody! Wink

I don’t use concealers often but still I presume that a concealer is a must for any makeup bag. It’s a product that will easily help you to hide skin blemishes, signs of fatigue and at the same time it mustn’t make your under eye area look overload with makeup. So, I conclude that a concealer is good helper. But this comes only to when the concealer suits you, as it’s very important to find the right product for the gentle under eye area. There are some concealers that are really drying out and creasing which is dangerous for the gentle skin around the eyes.

A long time ago I’ve found my perfect concealer by Estee Lauder. It does everything that I need. I like the way it performs on my under eye area, even though its price leaves much to be desired. So recently I dared to buy the concealer which is called FIT Me by Maybelline. There are thousands of rave reviews on the internet, this is why I decided to try it as well.

Many beauty bloggers and vloggers praised it so much, that there was no chance for me to resist it.

When I actually bought it I couldn’t stop admiring the way the product looked and it really seemed to be a miracle product for me. Visually, through. But after testing it out, I found out some issues about it.

But first things first, and let’s speak about the


The tube looks pretty, as it’s long and thin. There’s nothing eye-catching about the design. All the product info is hidden under the multi-layered sticker.

I have it in the fairest shade #10 but still I doubt that it’ll suit girls with pale complexion.

The shade is warm-toned and beige.

There’s almost no scent to the product.

The texture is lightweight and runny.

The fairest shade #10 LIGHT by Maybelline is darker than the 02 LIGHT MEDIUM shade by Estee Lauder. I can’t say that it’s bad or anything but still, this shade won’t be much help to fair-skinned girls.



All the troubles with this product are connected with its runny texture. It isn’t a texture for a concealer at all. Concealer is a magic wand that can camouflage all the skin blemishes. But here, since the texture is too runny, it becomes practically impossible.

Texture-wise, this concealer really reminds me of my foundation by L’Oreal Alliance Perfect. In general almost all the L’Oreal foundations are rather sheer and are famous for their powder finish. Yet at the same time, they don’t show much coverage and the only thing that they do is even out the skin tone. As you probably know, the powder finish isn't the best option for dry skin, as the products by L’Oreal are neither moisturizing nor nourishing. So, this is just a decorative cosmetic for evening out the skin tone, it doesn’t have any skin-friendly components.

I’ve got carried away a little bit, haven’t I? The idea was the following - this concealer is the same as my foundation by L’Oreal.

The FIT Me concealer can’t do anything about my blemishes, it just doesn’t have enough coverage. And yes, it oxidizes over time too. I didn’t notice it at once but once I saw my face in the daylight, I quickly understood that the product required proper blending of the edges. Besides, if you have dry skin, this product will show all the flaking and dry patches.


Peculiarities of the FIT Me Concealer

  • runny texture

  • oxidation after application

  • the edges of application can be visible

  • sheer coverage

  • small size

In this picture I blended the product thoroughly to minimize the edges and now I can say that my under eye area looks the same as without this concealer on. If you look closer, you’ll see two moles under my right eye. And they are also as visible as without this product over them.

Price: $6.49 on the official site.


The bottom line:

It’s a three star concealer for me. I don’t like it because of its peculiarities. Buying a concealer we should hope that it’ll make our complexion look fresh and beautiful but not oxidized and yellow over time, as though I look like a leopard. But even if it didn’t oxidize so much, still the coverage is shitty and it can’t do anything about my blemishes.

All in all, I want to warn you that no matter how many reviews you’ll read, it’s still only up to you to make a decision about this or that product. As for this concealer, well, for me, there’s nothing about it to repurchase.

I hope that my review was informative for you. Have a pleasant shopping spree!

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