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Written on Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Pros: 12 shades, compact size, price/quality ratio
Cons: matte hues with shimmer, no mirror


So now, I can finally assess Maybelline The Nudes palette.

I want to say from the very beginning that I like this palette very much! I absolutely don’t regret buying it. It’s of compact size which is a definite advantage for me. I’ve never had any palette that will run out of eyeshadows before the expiry date, as well as you, I believe.

Size - 9.6g

The palette:

It’s of compact size, inside there’s a two-sided applicator and the eyeshadows, of course. Smile There are 12 colors. There’s no mirror, instead, there’s a translucent plastic top. Not very convenient, I’d say. I still sometimes can grab the palette and look at where the mirror should be placed.

The colors are very easy to combine. There are so many makeup looks you can create with it, everything depends on your fantasy. But, if that happened, that your fantasy isn’t enough, then just turn the palette over. 

As for the quality of the eyeshadows - it’s absolutely worth the palette’s price. I’d assess the quality on 3 stars, but considering the price and the great variety of makeup looks, I'll give it 4 in total.

Closer look at each color, quality… Tips on how to apply better.

So, these are some hues, which are a bit difficult to cope with. For example all the “glittery” ones (1, 4, 9, 10) are impossible to apply with a brush, it just can’t take them.

So, I advise to apply them with fingertips. Yeah, I know, that’s not convenient, but what else can you do? Maybe, if you wet your brush a bit (rub it on the wet tissue or a wet hand) the colors will be brighter. If you use a brush, then you’ll get light, weightless coverage.

Color #3 looks like pale yellow chalk. Once applied it becomes invisible.

Black matte one #12, coal like. It applies patchy, difficult to blend and it’s absolutely impossible to work with. The only easy way to use it - is as the eyeliner or to add some accents.

# 4, 5, and 8 are also matte. Though, it’s quite difficult to say that they’re matte, if  you look closer, you'll see very small, rare, shimmer particles in it.

If you need to blend dark matte hues, you should use fair shades or powder on the entire eyelid, so the color won’t be so bright, but will be applied without patches and evenly.

#2, 7 and 11 are of satin textures.

So, I can say that there are some peculiarities in application, if you want to make the eyeshadows brighter. If you want to create light everyday makeup, you won’t have any problems then. I bought this palette for that reason, so I’m not upset at all.

Makeup look #1. Apply the #3 shade on the entire lid and define the upper lid with a dark brown shadow.

Makeup look #2. #2 shade apply on the entire lid and with the same color define the crease more intense and a bit longer the lash line


Makeup look #3. Apply #1 on the whole lid and with the help of #2 draw out the outer corner of the eye and define the lower lash contour.



Makeup look #4

Apply # 1 on the eyelid and define the crease with #7


Makeup look # 5. Apply # 9 on the entire lid and define the crease, outer corner and the lower lid with # 7


Makeup look # 6. Apply # 9 on the whole lid, with #4 define the crease and outer corner.


Makeup look # 7. Apply #12 in the ellipse shape, with a bit of extending the crease. Apply #1 in the center of the lid and in the inner corner.


Makeup look #8. Apply # 9 on the entire area of the upper and lower inner corners, apply # 12 on the upper and lower outer corner.

Makeup look #9. #2 on the entire lid, #6 in the crease and lower lid, #1 on the inner corner and under the eye brow bone.

Makeup look # 10. #5 on the lid and under the eyebrow, with # 12 define the crease, with # 6 blend the previously applied shadow.

Makeup #11. Apply #5 on the entire lid, #12 on the outer corner, extending the the lash line. Apply #6 in the crease.


Makeup look # 12. Blend # 12 on the entire lid with # 10 blend the edges of the dark color.


Of course, I’m not a professional makeup artist. I don’t have special lighting and any other products by Maybelline. But I tried my best. Maybe you’ll do it better.


Overall, I think the palette is good only for light, easy makeup looks. The eyeshadows aren’t visible much without a primer. I’d say that the palette is worth 3 stars, but since there are 12 shades and the quality of some of them is rather good, and also it’s affordable price and compact size, I’ll give it 4!

Thanks for your attention!

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Nataly Z recommends Maybelline The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

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