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Written on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The thought of buying "The Nudes" palette from Maybelline has been in my mind since they appeared in stores. And, yes, one day I was presented with it. The present turned out to be not only long-awaited but also very pleasant, as I’m literally screaming with delight about having the palette. Who might have thought that the eyeshadow palette can bring so many positive emotions. Don’t doubt it, as it can! After I received it, I use it almost everyday, and the reason for that is these are the perfect shades and they are of great quality with one exception, though.

So, the hero of my today’s review is Maybelline “The nudes” palette looks like this:


The case is rather modest but hides 12 gorgeous eyeshadows inside.

I want to note that this is my first palette where I’ll use all the colors as brown shades are my favorite, as well as many others.

Let’s have a closer look on the shades:

I’m glad that there are many different textures - matte, satin, shimmer. The palette is versatile and will suit everyday makeup as well as an evening one! As always there is a sponge, which won’t be used by me, but will be taken a photo of:)

Let’s look at each color individually and I’ll tell you about their characteristics.

Shade #1

White shimmer shade, which stands out because it is the worst quality! It doesn’t go onto the skin evenly, only suitable for small areas such as eye corners, for example. I use it very rarely as there is a better shade for that purpose in the palette. Let’s count it as worst-the-first. But I forgive it, as it’s the only disadvantage in the palette.

Shade #2

This shade is one of my favorites! It’s a mixture of grey and beige colors with a satin texture. The shade is very silky, goes onto the eyelids easily and evenly and the pigmentation is enough for everyday all-lid-covered makeup!


Shade #3

Matte milky shade, very pigmented and a great one I think. I apply it under my eyebrow literally each and every time I apply makeup!

Shade #4

Shimmer bronze shade with great pigmentation and silky texture. Very suitable for evening make-up:)


Shade #5

The shade looks like #2 but with matte texture. Generally, the characteristics are almost the same - pigmentation, silkiness, easy to apply which is quite rare for matte textures!

Shade #6

Dark brown matte shade, with a more cold undertone. The quality again is very good


Shade #7

Middle-brown shimmer shade. I think it’s very beautiful, no pretense to it. I use it in daily and evening makeup on my entire eyelids:)


Shade #8

Dark brown matte, a bit lighter then # 6. The shade has a very good quality!

Shade #9

Golden shimmer. Even though it’s my favorite shade in the palette, its quality isn’t the best, as it’s not very well-grained and has a bit of a dry texture. But in general it’s not bad, the shade itself is very beautiful.


Shade #10

One more beautiful color in the palette, I don’t know how to name it, I think it’s chocolate-brown, very beautiful and pigmented, silky and easy to work with!


Shade #11

Good-quality, satin light beige color, which I use for the eye corners.


Shade #12

Standard black matte. Quite usual, if applied in dry technique it’ll remind more of a dark grey color. If wet, then it can be applied as an eyeliner. I can’t say anything bad about it, it is rather good.

In general 9 out of 12 have got stunning quality, 2 are of medium quality and 1 is so-so. I think these eyeshadows are great to experiment with!

And here is the make-up I do very often with this palette. I want to pay your attention that I’m a makeup lover, not artist, so I judge only from this side.


  • Here I used 3,5,6 shades
  • To create the next makeup I used 3,9,10,11 shades.
  • Here I used 1,2,3,7, and 8
  • Here the shades of 1,4,10,12 are used.

Generally, I want to note the advantages of the Maybelline "The Nudes" palette again

+versatile palette, which will help to create makeup for any occasion

+personally I will use all the shades

+silky, soft eye shadows which look beautiful on the eyes

+great pigmentation

+easy to blend, dark shades can crumble a bit but it’s not a problem for me

+I always use eyeshadow primer for eye makeup, as my eyelids are oily, so I speak about the pro-long wear only with the primer used. My eyeshadows are with me from morning till evening as I use primer

+I can’t find any disadvantages. There’s no mirror in the palette, for me it’s OK. Considering it’s price that the palette includes the eyeshadows of such great quality.

I can sincerely recommend Maybelline "The Nudes" palette

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DazzlingBrunette recommends Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadows

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