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Written on Monday, July 2, 2018


This is the story of how I was disappointed by the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink

I’m pretty conservative when it comes to choosing a lipstick. It’s a nude lipstick for everyday wear and a red lipstick for special occasions, and both must be matte. I prefer MAC. However, recently there was a kind of revolution in my makeup world, and I suddenly realized that I want to try a violet lipstick. Even though I don’t like violet, it goes well with my eyes. After a long search I came across this very lipstick line, which was praised by so many on the internet.

Among the wide color range, two colors caught my eyes: 35 Creator, which was too bright, and 40 Believer, which seemed more pigmented. I took the latter - there were no testers in the store, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it.

What we have

Price: about $10


The tube doesn’t look cheap. The color of it and the color of the lipstick itself must be alike, but they aren’t. The sponge is fluffy, triangular and sharp. It takes a lot of lipstick out. When I first unscrewed the cap and took the applicator, I saw that the lipstick stuck to it. I assumed the lipstick would be too sticky, and I was right.

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I want to make it quite clear that I can apply and wear matte lipsticks, but I failed to tame this one. This lipstick is so damn patchy! I haven’t seen such a patchy lipstick in my life. Okay, maybe nude lipsticks from this collection are better, but this very shade sucks. The pigmentation is low for such a formula, and you can’t cover your lips from one or second stroke. With each new coat, I only smudged the previous ones and the lipstick bled. The process of application seemed never ending, yet the result was far from satisfying.

I couldn’t create an even coverage. If you like to ‘smack’ your lips, forget about it, this lipstick will stick them together, and in the end you’ll get a kind of patchy ombre effect. It’s better not to close your mouth for at least 5 minutes.


By the way, there is another minus - the lipstick leaves stains on my teeth. My red lipsticks from MAC can do it only if I eat something and it gets messy. With this lipstick, a few words transfer the stain onto my teeth.


In the photo below you can see the result of 15-minutes of fussing around with cotton swabs and concealers.


Uneven coverage in all its glory.

It dries slowly and remains sticky for a really long time. I can’t say anything about the longevity of this lipstick as I didn’t have enough courage to leave my house wearing it. It would simply feel ashamed for my lips. One more downside - this lipstick is hard to remove, even with micellar water. I had to use - can you believe this? - a hair oil! The swatch I’ve made lingered on my hand for 2 days!

When the lipstick is dry, it becomes more like what I wanted.

Of course, if this lipstick were better, the longevity would be a plus, but it’s not.

All in all, what a shame that my review is so negative. I think other colors in the line are more quality, but I have only this. I would have evaluated this lipstick differently, if the price was like $ 3-4 but I think one can find a better option for $ 9-12.

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