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Written on Monday, June 24, 2019

In search of the perfect dusty-pink shade of a lipstick, and on the advice of a saleswoman, I bought this one from the brand that was completely unfamiliar to me - Morphe. You know what’s wrong with me? I'm too trustful. If someone says, this product is cool and gorgeous, (even if I see this person for the first time), I will take it without hesitation, and I won’t care that I see this product for the first time and have never heard of it before.

Perhaps for that saleswoman, this lipstick is really long-wearing and high-quality but it’s not so easy to please me, especially when it comes to matte lipsticks.

Product info

Outer appearance

Lipstick is packed in a long tube. The tube is transparent, this is what bribed me. I could see the beautiful shade of lipstick through it. The top cap is black and a screw top.

There’s nothing on the tube except for the brand name.

The applicator is common but of nice quality. The bristles are short and soft. The lines are precise and not harsh for my lips.

The stopper is inside and works as purposed. It doesn’t let much of the formula sit on the applicator. The applicator is also handy to pick up, apply and distribute the product with. The convenient shape of the sponge makes it easy to contour my lips and there is no need to additionally use a lip liner.

The color selection is huge in the line, it offers 22 shades.

My shade is 10, pink. It’s not exactly the shade that I expected to see. The shade looks very beautiful, delicate, and dusty pink through the transparent tube. But it reveals differently on my lips and appears too bright and pink for me.

Now let's see how the shade looks under different lights:

The first picture was taken outside, while another indoors.

And this is how it appears under electric lights.

The pigmentation is super. One thick coat is enough to cover my natural lip color and at the same time give them a brighter shade. I always wear it with one thin layer, wiping the applicator over the rims beforehand, so as to ensure decent coverage that doesn’t flake off. Usually, matte lipsticks may show such behavior.

The texture is okay, it’s creamy and non-sticky. Immediately after application, according to my feelings, the texture feels delicate, but after a while, there is nothing left from the delicate sensation and I feel a greasy finish on my lips.😑

The finish is at first creamy and not shiny. After a few minutes, the lipstick sets and the finish turns matte.

No smell.

Use and results

Before applying my makeup, I first prep my skin and lips with a moisturizing balm. Only after that, I proceed to apply my makeup, I do my lips last, during that time my balm is no longer on my lips.

I don’t know if the lipstick dries out my lips but it feels like everything is fine. After washing the leftovers of the lipstick off, my lips are still smooth and soft.

The lipstick applies well, it doesn’t feather or sit in my lip crevices or look patchy. One coat is enough. However, some time after the application, the coverage breaks on my inner lip and flakes off.

I don’t know why but it just doesn’t want to sit over my inner lip. To correct this mishap, I applied the second layer and regretted it because my lips felt sandy then. 😒 That’s very unpleasant.

As for the good, the product sets quickly and doesn’t smear all over. My clothes remain clean and I don’t stain cups with my lipstick. And here I have to tell you about another drawback - my lips get sticky. And I can barely do anything about it. Usually, I would just apply a lip balm over but this hack doesn’t work with this lipstick. I’ll tell you why. Once I tried to do it and applied some lip balm and my lipstick finish immediately turned creamy. That obviously affected its wear time and the coverage was smudged and everything got stained.

For the second time, I decided to set the lipstick with a powder. I applied it with a brush and now my lips don’t feel sticky throughout the day. So, I call you for doing the same, if you have the same problem.

One more repulsive thing for me is that fatty sensation on my lips, as though I’ve been devouring junk food.

The lasting power is excellent. The lipstick stays on well however, it does flake off over my inner lip, as I’ve already stated. But in general, its performance is great. It doesn’t feather or fade, which is typical for any other matte lipstick.

Beware, if you apply it with several coats, the coverage will flake off and fall down.

If you want, you can apply a transparent or holographic lip gloss on top but I don’t like it.

I like experimenting when I take pictures, so I either apply dry pigments or any other shining highlighter on top of it. My full-on makeup looks interesting and unusual.

Only a bi-phase makeup remover is able to wash it off. Micellar water will never do the job.

My test-drive for you.

At first, I’ll show you the product with water and a cotton round soaked with water. As you can see, the shade is still there.

And now, micellar water. I pressed the cotton pad with micellar water for about 30 seconds and then started rubbing. Nothing happened. 😂

And now look at how magically it vanishes with a bi-phase remover.

It goes a long way, especially when I’ve used it only for a couple of times for a photo shoot.


▪️ good quality applicator

▪️ affordable price

▪️ awesome staying power

▪️ no streaky finish

▪️ no feathering

▪️ it goes a long way

▪️ highly packed with pigments

▪️ it applies quickly and easily

▪️ matte finish

▪️ it doesn’t dry out my lips


▪️ the shade seems deceitful

▪️ it doesn’t want to sit on my inner lip

▪️ it’s feels terrible on my lips, like sand

▪️ I can feel it, like something greasy

▪️ my lips stick together with it. Though it can be tamed.


I don’t recommend this Morphe lipstick for purchasing. For me, it has more drawbacks than good sides.

I won’t repurchase, because for the same price I can find better items.

Thanks for your attention! 🌷

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