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Written on Friday, April 13, 2018
Pros: all concealers in one, compact


I don’t think that there is anyone left who doesn’t yet know about concealers and correcting products…

Yes, not everyone uses them, but I think most of you have them in your makeup bags. Some girls use concealers only to cover up dark circles or some imperfections while others prefer contouring their faces and accentuating some features to make them look more favorable Smile

Today I’m talking about the NYX Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette in the shade Light.

I purchased it on the official website.

Price: $12.



Creamy/medium coverage





Color-match your skin using our perfecting and correcting palettes to conceal, correct, or contour. With six shades to choose from in each set you can cover up problem spots even out imperfections and accentuate your best features in a flash. Use these buildable colors on their own or combine them to create the ideal tone.

To be honest, there is a huge variety of concealers available on the market right now. They have different textures, coverages, etc. It all depends on your skin type and your purposes.

This palette is multitasking and perfect for contouring, as it contains a number of shades ranging from the lightest to the darkest brown.


I’ll start off by describing the outer appearance of the product, as usual.

The plastic case was covered in a protective film:

It has some information about the ingredients and shelf life after opening.

The first thing I’d like to pay your attention to is the shades. In my book the LIGHT palette is the most versatile out there. All the shades here are wearable and suitable for any purposes.

It is noteworthy that the colors turn out to be way lighter than their upper layers upon first use. It’s something to consider when purchasing.

Here are some photos by different lightening. The first one is closer to reality, even though it’s taken with a flash.

The textures are creamy and nice to the touch. They apply very easily and blend out very well. I’ve never had any issues while using.

They are quite thick. You should keep it in mind, if you're not fond of thick coverage, which is understandable, because concealer is not the final step in makeup.

Let’s take a closer look at the swatches:

With a flash:

By daylight:

With a flash:

By daylight:

What can you do with this palette?


Application under eyes

It’s possible, but I don’t recommend you do it, because the under eye area requires a completely different formula. However, you can use it when there is nothing else at hand.

In the picture below you can see that the coverage is alright and my skin tone looks even, but if you overdo it just a teeny bit, the product can settle into your fine lines. As far as I’m concerned this palette is not good for my sensitive eye area, so if you want to disguise your dark circles, look for another concealer. The brand has different options for this purpose.

Why do we need this concealing palette then?

We need it for contouring surely. You can slim down your nose, make your chin not so heavy-looking, accentuate cheekbones and even increase your breast size with a single swipe with a brush Smile

In my case I use it for contouring my nose and cheekbones. Also, I love making my breasts look bigger. I have naturally quite nice features and don’t have to fiddle much with makeup, but I’ll never miss an opportunity to ‘draw’ a bigger breast size Smile


Let’s look at what I have:



I haven’t changed anything here. I wear the same bra and the same t-shirt. I’ve taken this picture 5 minutes after the first one. The only difference is that I drew the borderline of my breasts with a brown shade and blended it out thoroughly. That’s it Smile

It looks so eye-catching and, what is more important, very natural, right? Nobody will know about this trick, even when taking a closer look at it Smile

I do not absolutely encourage you to contour your breasts, especially when you have large and voluptuous breasts by nature, but this trick is of great use when you want to look flawless. Why not? Smile

I know that some girls also contour their collarbones, but I’ve never tried it Smile

When I contour my face, I define my cheekbones and slim down the wings of my nose a little Smile

I have to admit that this product is of great quality. Moreover it’s easy to use and feels comfortable on my skin. It doesn’t flow, but lasts all day on me really well.

As I’ve already said, each shade is workable here and I use this palette very eagerly. I think it’s gonna last really long for me Smile I’m a big sucker for dry textures, but I can’t do without creamy concealers in my makeup. So, it’s a worthy addition to any cosmetic bag Smile


Thank you for your attention Smile

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Roxy-sty recommends NYX Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette

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