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Written on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hello folks!


Today I want to make a review of the unusual, bold and matte eyeliner by NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP.

I’ll tell you about the green-ish color, which turned out to be so controversial that I’m really confused.


I must admit that the idea seems very interesting, as with the help of these products you can create a very bold and unusual make-up!


I’ve never had green, or any other bright colored eyeliner, as I’m a very practical person and opt only for the products I’ll definitely use: brown or black eyeliners only.

So, let’s get started as I want to show you a lot of interesting things, and to hold an experiment.



Line your lids with vibrant color with NYX Professional Makeup's Vivid Brights Eye Liner. Available in a variety of incredible shades, these pro-level liners deliver instant and intense color payoff. Each versatile shade features an easy-to-use brush applicator to make precision lining a breeze!

Size: 2 ml

Price: $6-7

Shade: № 03 ESCAPE

There are 9 shades in the collection.

The product was packed in a cardboard box. It was also sealed with stickers on the sides to assure you that nobody had opened it before you, which is very pleasant.

This is how the tube was placed in the box. It stayed put safely to prevent hits and rolls.

The tube itself is of prolonged shape, it’s thin with a black cap. The color of the tube corresponds with the color of the liner. In my case, the tube has green-ish color.

The tube closes tightly and doesn’t leak.

The texture of the eyeliner is smooth with no shimmer to it. The product is totally matte. The color is thick and well-pigmented, so be careful during application.

The applicator seems to be rather convenient, as I get really delighted working with it.

It isn’t difficult at all for me to do the beautiful flick with it. The applicator doesn’t shed and the length of bristles is fine.


The tube is infused with a stopper, which prevents the excess amount of the product from coming out.


The product is unscented. Maybe there’s some smell, typical for any other eyeliner. The product is economical as you won’t use it on a daily basis. It’ll go a really long way, be sure.


Information on the tube:

Make-up looks were given on the box that you can try to do yourself.


I took a photo of how the product performs when in contact with water:

I rubbed it a bit with my finger, and it faded a tad, but still stayed at its place.

As you can see the product is waterproof and doesn’t crease or smudge.



Use the brush to sweep the product on the lid and let dry.

And now I want to tell you about some peculiarities of this product and my opinion of it:


- I have no problems applying this eyeliner. It applies well onto my eyelids’ skin, as well as on any other eyeliner;

- It looks really bold. The double flick is my favourite look, as it doesn’t look good on my eyes when applied solo.


My 4 yo niece once told me: ”Auntie, you have such beautiful eyes” and I do believe that she tells the truth. Smile


- It tightens my skin, which is the first disadvantage. I don’t feel comfortable wearing it. I hate that feeling when my eyelids are tightened, yuck! And I can’t do anything about it, as neither my primer, nor hydrating cream can’t save the situation.


- this product dries very quickly on my eyes, which is a definite advantage


- it is smudge-proof and doesn’t crease


- it gives smooth and even color, which never looks streaky or patchy


- the main disadvantage of this product is the fact that it cracks very badly. And it looks as though I’ve put a ton of the product on my eyes. But I actually haven’t! I always apply it in a thin layer as possible. From a short distance such make-up looks awful, I don’t like it at all.


- the lasting power isn’t bad, but the product doesn't fade very beautifully. What can we expect from the eyeliner that cracks? Right, all these cracks to fall out and crumble.


- The product is easy to remove with micellar water, or cleansing milk.


- I haven’t noticed any irritation or allergy reaction on my eyes.

I even lost a desire to hold experiments, just did one makeup and that’s all.

So, even though the idea is great and the color is bold, I can’t recommend this eyeliner. As the disadvantages are significant. I can’t say anything about any other liners in the collection, as I have only this one. I can only tell about all the peculiarities of this product and then it’s up to you to decide if you need it or not.

Thanks for reading my review, see you in the next ones! Smile

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