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Written on Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Pros: doesn't accentuate dry lips, doesn't crease, no big shimmer particles, not tacky

Here is the new product from NYX, which is the duochrome lipstick Smile

I personally wasn’t really impressed by this lipstick the moment it appeared on the market, but I was positively surprised with the results when I received it for testing purposes! Smile

The packaging is transparent and made of plastic, through which you can see the real color and amount left Smile The stick itself is not shakey, everything works alright Smile The cap closes very well Smile

The lipstick has 3 g of the product and retails for $9.


I have the gorgeous ‘Bless Adorable’ shade Smile

It’s purple with a hint of blue! Smile

I’ve been trying really hard to catch the true color of it with my camera. It really is purple! Smile

I took these pictures when it was cloudy outside, but I couldn’t convey this beautiful overflow when it was sunny either Sad

The texture of the lipstick is very nice and soft. It reminds me of a chapstick. It’s so buttery and glides so well even on my dry lips! I was taking these photos when my lips were dry and flakey, but the lipstick applied really well!

So, I worried in vain. It doesn’t emphasize dryness and flakiness of my lips. Moreover, it doesn’t dry them out even when I wear it for quite a long time.

It applies amazingly well after a lip scrub or a lip balm. No dry patches Smile

Here is how it looks in the sun and in the shade Smile

The second thing I worried about was that I would have a white streak in between my lips, because the hue is actually complicated.

However, it doesn’t crease after 9 hours of wearing on its own. Also, it doesn’t crease even when used as a lip topper after 13 hours. I was impressed!

I thought this lipstick would definitely be challenging Laughing out loud

By the way, it doesn’t have any smell about it, which is a huge plus Smile

The maker also claims that it can be used as a lip topper. At first I didn’t want to check it, but then I couldn’t help it! Laughing out loud

The results turned out to be really cool! Smile I combined it with lipsticks of similar shades, so that duochrome could look even more beautiful Smile

I tried it with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Istanbul and it was stunning!

Here is a before and after shot. It looks sooo cool in reality! Smile

I was wearing it this way at work and had it 13 hours on my lips. This duochrome lipstick doesn’t impact on the lasting power of the Matte Lip Cream. When the matte lipstick was fading, I was simply touching it up with the duochrome. I reapplied it only twice, given that I was eating some patties that day. The wear time is great!

However, it disappears after eating some greasy food like chicken sticks, etc. It doesn’t smear, by the way, which is very good. You can just tap your lips with a tissue and reapply the lipstick Smile

Also, I tried to use it with the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick, but I didn’t like it. The effect was beautiful, but the two lipsticks blended together and the duochrome was applying streaky after that.

However, it looks like an amazing metallic lipstick Smile

In addition, I tried it with the purple Lime Crime 2 Moods Velvetine Liquid Lipstick Duo and it was divine! It looked like a stunning metallic lipstick with a foil effect and a pronounced blue overflow Smile



Not sticky

Doesn’t crease

Doesn’t dry out lips

Looks amazing even on dry lips

Doesn’t smear or bleed

Can be used without any lip liner

Looks amazing when used with liquid matte lipsticks

The wear time is alright, but the lipstick can be layered easily. I touched it up just a few times within 13 hours and just once within 9 hours Smile

Comes off beautifully and gradually without leaving any streaks

Survives after snacks very well

Removes from my lips effortlessly


And here are the cons that are not really cons for me:

Do not use with other lipsticks, because the colors can blend together

Such a shade may not be suitable for everyone


All in all, I love it and wear it at work with great pleasure. It never lets me down. Checked Smile This product turned out to be even better than I expected.

I definitely give it 5 stars and will gladly recommend it to a friend! Smile

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