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Written on Friday, October 20, 2017

Hello there! 😻

I adore beautiful and shaped eyebrows. I like the way brows can transform the face features, make the eyes brighter and makeup look great. I’ve tried so many products for my brows: pomades, gels, brow powders, tints, markers etc. I always want to buy and try something new so my collection is growing rapidly and recently I bought the Eyebrow Powder Pencil by the NYX Professional Makeup.

Size: 1.4g

Price: $6.50

Product description:

Close your eyes and picture the perfect brows. Are they defined, yet delicate? Create the brows of this daydream with the brand new Eyebrow Powder Pencil. Our unique pencil’s superfine texture provides a powdery-soft, matte finish. Put the finishing touches on your arches by using the included spoolie brush to smooth out the rich color.

Outer appearance

The pencil was sealed with a transparent plastic cover. The pencil itself is made with wood packaging of black color. The design is neat and simple.

The product is two-sided. Each side closes with plastic caps tightly.

On the one side the pencil has a spoolie brush to comb the brows and give the hairs the needed shape. The most important thing is not to press the brush too much as there’s a risk to smudge the pigment on the brows and they’ll look patchy.

On the other side there’s the pencil itself with a soft to some extent slate. It isn’t an issue to sharpen the product as it fits into a standard sharpener and never crumbles.

I like the slate of this pencil very much as I don’t have to press it hard to get the pigment.


There are 9 shades in the collection so I think everyone will find a match. I don’t know how it happened but I chose the wrong color at the store. #3 Soft Brown, it seems to be too odd for my eyebrows. Yet I can assess it, can’t I? In general, the product is of neutral warm brown color that seems to have a little bit of red pigment to it. It has powder texture and semi-matte finish.

The product gives opaque coverage even without too much pressing onto it. With its help I usually do the following:

  • draw hairs on my brows where I have kinda bald patches. It the pencil is sharp you can even draw the tiniest lines and they’ll look like natural eyebrows.

  • To fill in my brows and make them shaped.

The product in use:

When I came home and understood that the shade doesn’t actually suit me, I was very upset. But still I decided to find use of it and try to tame the wrong color. But I think I failed to do that. I have fair hair and my brows look odd if I shape them with this pencil. I took a photo of my total look with this pencil on, but decided not to attach it as I look really strange and funny there.

But still I appreciate the product for its characteristics. With this pencil you can create everything that you can need from a brow product. It’s very easy to work with. The makeup done with this product stays on from sunrise to sunset. The brows never get smudged or travel down. They are always in place.

The product goes a long way. After I shaped and filled in my brows with it, the product was still sharp which is a rare occasion. You won’t have to sharpen it each time you use it, which means that the product is economical.

I also noticed a light fixation of my brows with this pencil. When I do my brows with it, the product lifts the hairs and holds them put and they look neat and beautiful. So, no need to use a brow gel.

My “bare” brows with no products on.

Even though I dye my brows from time to time they still don’t look defined or thick. So my makeup always seems to lack of something unless I fill in my brows. That’s why I’ve used and keep using so many brow products.

With the product onLook how defined and thicker my brows look. I wish I opted for the right color. I’ll give this pencil to my mum, it’ll suit her eyebrows color perfectly well and for me, I’ll buy this product again in the right shade.

I’m sure that many of you will like this NYX Eyebrow Powder Pencil as it’s affordable, economical, has good shade selection, spoolie brush, good slate, fixation and lasting power. The most important thing is having the right shade.

I wish your brows will always be neat and beautiful! Have a good day! Thanks for the attention and see you Smile

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wait-a-bit recommends NYX Eyebrow Pencil

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