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Written on Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Pros: a little bit goes a long way, affordable price, compact and convenient package, lightweight and non-sticky texture, pleasant scent, very long-wearing

I bought this eyeshadow base specially for my mineral eyeshadows because I knew that they require a professional cosmetics primer. Or maybe one that is very close to professional-like. The selection was pretty good in a beauty shop and I opted for this one by NYX, really hoping that it wouldn’t dry out too quickly.

I bought it for $7.

I am absolutely delighted with the packaging.

The applicator is mega convenient to work with. Smile

The product has a lightweight texture, which is easy to apply and smear on my skin. BUT still, it feels a little bit greasy for me. Sometimes my eyeshadows crease over it. I’ve never faced such a problem before buying this eyeshadow base.

The eyeshadows are rather difficult to blend over this primer. But still, that’s the matter of your skills, so I don’t take it as a disadvantage. Just a little warning.

My eyeshadows truly hold up the entire day over it. In my case this is 12.5 hours. After that I just wash my makeup off. By the way, over this primer my eyeshadows are difficult to remove, because they feel like they are glued to my skin. Especially if the eyeshadow is of dark color.

Only a cleansing oil is ready to help me out here. But I know that many people don’t use cleansing oil in their makeup removing game. This effect is a real disadvantage of the product.

One more thing, don’t take long to apply your eyeshadows over this base. Otherwise it’ll crease and look awful, showing all the creases a lot. Sad

And here are my makeup shots.

Right after application (10.30 am):

6.5 hours later (5 pm):

And in 12.5 hours of wearing (11 pm):

You can see everything yourself. The eyeshadow is still there. They haven’t lost their pigment or creased. Smile

My pigments have turned out to be enemies with this base.

P.S. now the process goes better, maybe over time I just got used to it.

P.S Well, guys, I’ve been using this eyeshadow base for 2 years already and I haven’t used it up yet. Laughing out loud

I’ve gotten used to it completely and now I can say that the product is decent. You have to have basic makeup skills to work with it. I use pigments in my makeup which are pretty difficult to apply over this primer because there’s always a risk to apply them patchy. But still, it’s real to apply them well and beautiful. Smile

I still can’t decide whether to repurchase or not, but I can recommend you give it a try. This product works well with regular eyeshadows. The pigments can be more difficult, but still okay. One thing I can say for sure - this base has never let me down in heat, cold or humid weather. Smile

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pink pony recommends NYX HD Eyeshadow Base

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