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Written on Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Pros: beautiful color, bright, doesn’t dry lips, satin finish, thick, you don’t need much product to apply it
Cons: difficult to apply, it doesn’t dry out completely on the lips, leaves spots on the cups

Hello, dear cosmetics-lovers!


NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP keeps bringing joy to girls all over the world, by releasing gorgeous products with luxurious colors.

LIQUID Suede lipsticks are just crazy with bright colors. And I want to tell you about one of them today.


★★★ NYX LIQUID Suede ★★★

The lipstick is presented in the classical way, I mean, plastic transparent tube, which immediately shows what kind of shade to expect. I like this neat design. I can not find fault with any NYX products in this respect.

So that the bottle with lipstick was not boring and stood out. There’s a small plastic "gem", it doesn’t affect the characteristics of lipstick, but the packaging immediately becomes more interesting.


Since the lipstick is liquid, the applicator plays an important role. In this lipstick it is classical and bristle, but not hard, it’s flat, flexible and long. It is convenient to use, it smoothly glides without pressure. It takes out the sufficient amount of product to do one-touch make up completely.


I have a beautiful complicated color #19 Subversive Socialite.

Why is it so special?

I would say that this color looks like blackberry jam. It’s very beautiful, though it won’t suit everybody. It's purple, but not with a brown undertone, it’s with red undertone. If you rub it on the skin, it looks like berry juice, currants, or blackberry, but in a thick layer, I can call it blueberries.

The lipstick is creamy, it’s true. The consistency is thick and shiny with stunning pigmentation. The color is very intense and applies tightly on the skin. It has satin finish, as the lipstick doesn’t get dried totally, it may leave spots on cups or other person. The product doesn’t dry out my lips, which is great, but the shade is rather whimsical.


Although the texture is smooth, and applies immediately with a good coverage, on the lips the lipstick lies patchy. Maybe I can’t apply it right, but I've heard the opinion that the purple shades in this collection are the most whimsical of all the others. Here one need to try hard to get more or less even coverage. So it is better to use the lip pencil from the same collection and shade the lips.


Although the lipstick doesn’t get dried, it’s long lasting and doesn’t flow out of the lip contour. It can live through the lunch and dinner, but you’d better not rub it, as it’s a quite tricky task to wash it off.

So, we looked at the tube and it’s time to do make-up. I want to say that this lipstick shade is absolutely unusual for me. I’ve never had any lipstick with such color, so I’m very eager to start.


For myself I found 3 ways of applying it. I took everything into the consideration - difficulties in application, bright color and its whimsical behavior.


The first way to apply it.

It’s more wearable.

As far as the color is dark, it needs to be applied in a very thin layer, in order not to look extremely extravagant in life.

So here it is. I dabbed the lipstick with my fingertips a bit to get even, but at the same time smooth and thin coverage.


It seems to me that this “berry” color makes me older. So I have to think through my total look with eye makeup and hair style. Otherwise, the extra 10 years are absolutely guaranteed.


The second way: as the eye liner


I saw this makeup look in a lot of videos by famous bloggers. To tell you the truth they used another lipstick, of pro-long wear. But I used a primer and set it with a transparent powder and, yeah, this product lasts quite long either.


I apply it with gel eye liner brush and don’t have any problems with applying the liquid consistency of the lipstick.



For me, applying colorful liner is absolutely a new experience. I would like to try red as well, but I think purple suits my green eyes better.


And the total look with quite wearable (but very brave for me) lip makeup, and the lipstick as a liner to define the eyes color.


The third: extravagant


Here, the lipstick is seen in it’s full color. It’s very bold look for me. But for photo shoots or special occasions, I think, it’ll be great. I’m sure that there are a lot of people who'll love such make-up even for everyday, though.



When the lipstick is applied in a thick layer, you can see its satin shine. I think, it’s better to be satin, rather than totally matte. But there are some patches seen, also (I think, the fault's in me as can’t apply it) it’s better to apply it with a brush in addition, as the applicator does its job not very well.



By the way, despite the “wearable” way, extravagant one doesn’t add me some more years. This look can’t be called "freshening", but it doesn’t make my face look tired or ill, as well as doesn’t make my teeth yellow. It looks bold and not age-giving.


It’s a tricky task to wash the lipstick off, especially if applied in a thick layer. It’s better to wash it carefully with a cotton pad, otherwise you’ll look like a Joker with a purple smile.

So, what can I say in the end. It’s difficult to assess this product. On the one hand it’s difficult because # 19 Subversive Socialite is whimsical, but on the other - there are so many gorgeous colors in the collection that I haven’t tried yet. The lasting power of this product is great and it’s very comfortable, as doesn’t dry out my lips.

That collection of LIQUID Suede is created for both fans of bright and amazing make-up, and for those who prefer comfort in wearing, as well as in color. My shade isn’t the easiest one, I don’t know others yet, so I'll give 4 stars, as blueberry lips really impressed me.


So that’s all.

Thank you for reading!

See you:)

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Donna Helen recommends NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

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