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Written on Thursday, June 8, 2017


Today one of my favorite things to discuss is lipsticks, and especially Liquid Suede by Nyx.

I find it difficult to resist and not to treat myself with one more lipstick in such a gorgeous color Smile It’s called Cherry Skies, 03 shade. In the line there are 24 colors. Some of them are quite wearable, I mean for everyday. But some of them are purely “Instagram” - such as violet, grey and black shades.

The price - 7$

The product was sealed with a cellophane film to protect it from opening.

Size - 4 ml


The applicator is standard, it picks up lipstick perfectly. But it isn't the most convenient one. Okay, I admit that the problem lies in me, as I can’t apply it evenly, but if you take a closer look at the macro photos of other girls, it becomes clear that not only I faced that problem.

Lipstick is flexible, it doesn’t harden right away, so there is an opportunity to correct flaws.

The smell is chemical, but not saturated, on the lips it isn’t felt. There is no taste.

The color is patchy, and you should try hard to apply it evenly. But, if applied evenly, the product looks stunning.

The lipstick doesn’t look matte straight away, I can say that it sets in about 10 mins and in an hour turns matte.

It leaves spots (even dried). There’s tint after it on the lips, which can be easily washed away by cleansing oil, or two-phased tonics.

I'm quite used to matte and half matte lipsticks, so I find this product very comfortable to wear, though I can feel it on my lips. But that’s not actually a problem. I want to tell you about some difficulties that I faced while walking outside.

As far as the lipstick color, is very intense - I didn’t eat or drink anything, but actually talked a lot. And the product started flow out of the lips edges. At first it looked like kissed lips effect. Usually all liquid lipsticks flow into the wrinkles, but here no. It was everywhere, but evenly.

The next experiments I hold only at home.

-Neither contour lip pencil, not primer can’t make the product stay on its place. It applies on clean, bare lips best of all.

-and this is how the product looks after 2 hours and 1 glass of water (no talks)

- that way it looks straight after the appliance and immediate squeezing of the lips (well, who knows, maybe some of you’ve got such habit)

And yeah, here I didn’t try to apply it evenly, just checked its long-lasting effect.

And the promised bonus.

Let’s compare 2 liquid lipsticks by Nyx - Liquid Suede and Soft Matte Lip Cream.

I have one color of each, so I’ll compare only these two.

Price: Liquid Suede - 7 $; Soft Matte Lip Cream - 6 $;

Size: Liquid Suede - 4 ml; Soft Matte Lip Cream - 8 ml.

Color intensity: Liquid Suede is patchy, and you need to try hard to apply it evenly. Soft Matte Lip Cream is a bit patchy too, but as the color isn’t so intense, it’s not very much seen.


The finish: in some moments they both become matte, Liquid Suede needs more time.

Long-lasting effect: Liquid Suede will last long if you don’t eat, drink or talk (but you can breathe with it on, so be thankful for that), otherwise the product will flow or look patchy. Soft Matte Lip Cream behaves better, it doesn't flow out of the edges, but requires touch up after eating.

Comfortness: I don’t quite see any significant difference, Soft Matte Lip Cream dries my lips a bit more.


So, does that mean that Nyx made worse quality lipstick, more expensive and of smaller size? I’m trying to be objective, but in my head appeared some images of some beauty bloggers advertising this product.

If you try hard, you can apply it evenly to take a photo. Applied, took a photo of, washed it away, and here it is, the modern content for Instagram is ready.

In in real life, I can’t recommend the lipstick in this color. One more lipstick from the category of “ to seem, not to be”

2 stars only for the color.


P.S. I give 2 stars only for this product in Cherry Skies shade, I don't know anything about the others, and don’t actually want to:)

By the way, the product’s not a fake one, as I ordered it on the official site.

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