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Written on Monday, March 26, 2018
Pros: color, convenient brush, doesn’t leave stains, matte-metallic finish
Cons: doesn’t stay put in the inside of the mouth, fades unpleasantly, it can’t stand water, staining to my lips

Hello beauties!

Have you ever had a desire to buy something so much that you were even dreaming about it? So this is what actually happened with me when I saw this lipstick for the first time. At that time I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy it but I’d ask my bestie to present it for me for Christmas.

Of course those days of waiting were very difficult for me. It felt as though a small child was given candy and then they took the candy away. But later I was so happy to get my precious lipstick! I literally tested myself and checked my so called potential.

Brand - NYX

Price - $7.50

The tube is color-coded with the content. The lipstick is said to give a metallic matte finish. It looks very cool!

The top cap has a beautiful shape which resembles a diamond. Or maybe any other gem.


Made in China

Volume. 4 ml

Shade 34 Pure Society


The applicator is felt-tip. It’s soft and long. It’s excellent for outlining my lips as well as filling them with the color. I really like the way it applies and translates the color over my lips.

The stopper inside allows me to get the right amount of the content out.

The scent of the product is unnatural. There aren’t any perfume agents to the formula. I don’t feel it on my lips.

The shade. Oh, it’s my favorite. The color of a juicy ripe cherry. It’s stunning. It really makes my look unbelievable and very bright. I adore such colors! I always buy lipsticks of such a color from different collections and brands as I just can’t get enough of them.

On the swatch I applied the lipstick with one coat. It applies evenly and thick. But be sure to apply it well as the product can look a little bit patchy. I especially can see those patchy spots where I accidentally applied the lipstick with two layers or applied it too sheer. I can’t say that it’s so critical, though still visible.


The formula of the product is truly nice. It has a thick and creamy texture. You can apply it with a thinner or thicker layer. But be ready to face the problem with touching up. You see, there’s no chance to touch-up while wear. The only way out is to apply it again.

The product shows my skin relief but again, not so much of a problem for me.

The finish is truly matte and metallic. It looks really expensive and attractive.

The product is rather comfortable on my lips. I like that it isn’t too drying for my lips, though I still fill it present as there’s a slight tightening effect. All in all I can forget about it within 20 minutes after application.

Total look.

The lippie isn’t staining and I can tell you that its wear time is decent. It easily holds on up to 3 or 4 hours on my lips without touch-ups and the only issue is that it fades from the inside of the mouth which isn’t beautiful, you know. It won’t stay on after a fatty meal. I drank tea and pressed my lips together. Then I quickly felt that there were small clumps on my lips. I rubbed my lips together and only after that I headed to the mirror to see what happened there. And I was shocked when I saw my reflection! Girls, use a straw when you drink! Otherwise you’d have to be very careful and be sure that you won’t press your lips together if there are drops of water on them. It’s so great that I was at home that day when I found it out. I’m so happy that I wasn’t somewhere crowded.

And now the total look. Well, not actually good I think. Roody flew to cheer his owner up.

What’s more the lipstick will have a shiny finish if you press your lips together right after application. Honestly, I’m not raving about this feature.


It’s better to use fatty cleansing products if you want to remove it quickly. You can also use a cotton pad soaked with a micellar water and press it against your lips and then remove the product delicately.




★ beautiful and fashion-like finish

★ rather long-wearing

★ isn’t staining or budging formula


★ no perfume agents so that the product has a rather chemical scent

★ no chance to touch-up, only wash off and reapply again

★ as many other matte liquid lipsticks, this one also shows my skin relief

★ I can feel it present on my lips


★ if you drink, it will look unpleasant

★ if you press your lips together after application, you’ll get a shimmer finish. I don’t like such results

★ yes, the product applies patchy


All in all I want to assess this lipstick with 3 stars. But still I recommend it. I guess it’ll be the bomb for a photoshoot or any other special occasion.

This is a very beautiful lipstick. I’ve never seen such a coverage before from matte metallics. But unfortunately the performance on my lips is awful. I always have to look after the lipstick on my lips as well as look after my lips. What for?

Thanks for your attention.

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El Khvos recommends NYX Liquid Suede Metallic Matte Lipstick

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