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Written on Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Pros: colors, convenient applicator, isn’t drying to my lips, isn’t staining, metallic matte finish, price, unscented
Cons: some shades leave bright pink pigment behind

Hello everybody!


I really like the NYX Liquid Suede Creme Lipsticks. These are one of the most comfortable semi-matte lipsticks which hold well on me. Recently the NYX brand released the Liquid Suede lipsticks which offer the “Metallic Matte” finish. Right here I want to say that these three colors which I bought to test won’t definitely be the last ones from this collection for me, as I’m sure to buy a couple more shades.


Let’s find out what these lipsticks actually are:

The product retails in a plastic wrap.

The tube is color-coded plastic. On the tube you can find the full name of the collection the lipstick is from, as well as list of ingredients and manufacturer. I mean there’s all the info you might be interested in.


The name and number of the particular color are given on the tube and on the sticker on the bottom.

The tube closes tightly so you can be sure that it's closed securely.


The applicator is rather long and paddle-like with a lot of furry bristles.

For me this is one of the most convenient applicators which I can use alone to outline my lips and omit using a pile of makeup tools.

It always takes out the right amount of the contents in one go which is enough for both lips to cover with one thin coat.

The Metallic Matte lipsticks have more creamy texture than the previous launch of the Cream Lipsticks. But it’s still very easy to apply and fill in my lips and get the desired color intensity on the lips. But unlike the Cream collection of the Suede, this Metallic line is faster to dry out and it's more long-wearing.

I can see that they worked on the formula well and now we can see a really long-wearing and matte lipstick in front of us. I wish they did the same with the Cream collection as well. But maybe the concept of that collection was different, no one knows.

The lipsticks offer a few hours of wear time. They all fade faster from the inside of the mouth if you eat or drink.

The removing is easy with a dual phase makeup remover or any other cleansing balm or oil. You won’t cope with the wet wipes as the coverage is long-wearing and the tint which is left is bright.

The color selection isn’t very big in the collection, though we need to remember that the brand is known for its ever expanding shade collection so maybe in the future we’ll see more metallic shades there.

Currently I have three shades from the collection which are all rather different in their performance on my lips. However, those changes aren’t so critical for me.


Satin cool-toned red color. It’s the classic red color which looks best in daytime and evening makeup. It's so nice to build up and I really appreciate that it doesn’t look patchy after layering. After the removing there’s no tint behind which may be so staining to my skin. You can use it on your lips for its intended purpose or apply it on your eyes and use it as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow primer.


34 Pure Society

Plum-cherry color. It’s great as a classic dark lipstick which will flatter any makeup look for sure. It’s so richly pigmented! That’s why this very shade is so easy to layer and it’ll show only opaque coverage and no faint spots. After removing I can see a slight pink tint on my lips but it isn’t staining in my eyes.

You can also use this color as a lipstick as well as a bright eyeshadow base for vinous and burgundy eyeshadows.

36 EGO

Amethyst metallic color. I deem this one is the most finicky color from the collection. It isn’t as opaque in coverage as the previous two colors, though it’s still possible to layer it. The texture is pretty easy to apply but still it’ll steal more time than the other two shades to apply it. After removing I can see a bright staining tint on my lips. If you use this color as an eyeshadow primer, it’ll also stain the skin around your eyes . However, the second cotton pad soaked with a dual phase makeup remover will quickly save the situation. For the coverage and color it provides me with, I can forgive its small disadvantages. This color looks astonishing on my lips.

Here this shade is used as eyeshadow primer.

In my opinion the collection is great! These are one of the most comfortable lipsticks for me which offer such a bright coverage. Yes, some colors are rather difficult to tame though they aren’t as difficult as many other lipsticks with a metallic finish that I have. In general I can recommend these lipsticks as products for lips and eyes.

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Lisa4ina recommends NYX Liquid Suede Metallic Matte Lipstick

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