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Written on Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I’ve been incredibly interested in the Love You So Mochi Collection so I was really happy to receive these two palettes in exchange for an unbiased review!

As it turned out, not everything is perfect...but first things first.

Price: $20

Lately, NYX started to launch pretty adorable designs. The cute palettes make me want to use them again and again, plus I love the word play in the title:)

They’ve named the collection after the Japanese treats mochi, which are known for their soft consistency. Moreover, the creators were so inspired with the famous treats that they’ve made the texture itself resemble mochi.

Judging by the ads, I thought the products would be gel-like, but the formula is wonderful: the highlighters are bouncy and souffle-like. Unfortunately, they don’t go back to its original condition, so I don't ‘play’ with them as often as I want.


There are two palettes in the collection: Arcade Glam for fair-skinned girls and Lit Life for those with warm skin.

Their main feature of the highlighters (or rather of the Arcade Glam palette only) is that they are duo-chromic and iridescent in the sunlight.

The colors seem to be mediocre when in the palette, but once you apply them and face the sun, there will be an incredible play of colors on your skin. Each highlighter contains multi-colored shimmer particles which look different in different lighting. Just take a look at the palettes by daylight and when the sun is hidden behind the clouds:

I’ve been trying to show you the beauty and versatility of the palettes in the photos, but they still look much more attractive in real life.

All colors have the same quality so I think describing them separately would make no sense. They are versatile and fun to use, but the formula is a bit too dry, and it’s hard to blend them properly. Plus, the fallout is unavoidable.

The eyeshadows from this collection have a more silky formula, but they have one common flaw: they fade quickly. My skin on the cheeks is dry and I have to apply a foundation as a base, but even so, the highlighters disappear within a couple of hours. Or even less if you rub your face. It’s a total bummer.

When I touched my cheeks with a dry cotton swab, the highlighter disappeared in a heartbeat, leaving nothing but a few shimmer particles behind. I think the formula is “over-thought” - they tried to make it unusual, but it only made the quality in general worse.

There is another flaw. At first, the upper layer of the highlighters is thick, even and easy to pick up. But when it’s gone, the highlighter starts to crumble and the pigmentation suddenly becomes way worse. You can see how bald and patchy the palette looks:

Now let’s take a look at the highlighters in the Arcade Glam palette. This one is more delicate, like a gracious White Queen, while Lit Life is like an emotional and furious Red Queen.


1. Quite an unusual shade, which seems to be pale gold at first, but if you look at it from a different angle, you’ll see how beautifully it opens up into pink gold.

2. It seems to be an ordinary pink at first, but then it turns into silvery-blue duochrome, sometimes even with a violet undertone. It was hard to catch it on photos, but believe me, this highlighter is extremely beautiful.

3. This color is a pleasant surprise, which turns into delicate blue on the skin. It reminds me of winter, snow and Ice Queen.

Lit Life is pretty bold, it’s the very opposite of Arcade Glam. The shades are as though screaming: Look at me! The colors are bold and provocative and should be used very carefully, especially if your skin is fair. I’m pretty sure these colors look totally great on swarthy skin! But despite being so gorgeous, this palette is a bit worse than Arcade Glam, in my opinion. There is no special thing in it, the colors are flat and they don’t open up.

1. Bright pink, not as delicate as the first color in the previous palette. It turns into pink or lilac in different lighting, but there is no duochrome to it.

2. This color is fancy, yet my favorite. Under sunlight it sparkles so intensely that it’s probably visible from outer space. Yes, it’s bright and bold and the other two shades are so boring in comparison…

3. Gold-brown, and there’s nothing more to say. Resembles the very first shade from the Arcade Glam, but it is way darker and doesn’t open up.

These palettes could have been perfect, if not for the quality. The clumpy formula as well as bad lasting power are unforgivable for me. I love the idea, but the quality itself is a complete disappointment.

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