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Written on Thursday, April 19, 2018

NYX has become one of my favorites lately.

I ordered these lipsticks online and when I was examining the swatches, I really wanted to choose the right shades.

For me, matte lipsticks are the highest pigmented and most long-wearing lipsticks that have the most beautiful finish. That’s why I always pay attention to the final results and the writing ‘matte’ on the package.

The NYX Matte Lipstick is available in a huge variety of shades, but I picked up the gentle and subtle tones that are an integral part of my spring makeup bag now.

While testing these lipsticks, I concluded that the NYX products are of really good quality.

I definitely want to purchase some other shades now, because MLS15 and MLS11 surprised me in a good way.

The design is simple and sleek. The packaging looks pretty and neat. It is made of black plastic with a transparent middle part, through which you can see the real shade.

The plastic is quality. However, in the pictures it may seem a little flimsy and fragile.

These lipsticks as well as any other matte lipstick emphasize absolutely all dry patches, including the most insignificant imperfections, so it’s better to apply such products after properly moisturizing your lips.

As for me, I prefer using the EOS lip balm, removing the residue and applying the NYX lipstick.

The finish is satin and matte. You can remove the slightly glossy finish by simply dabbing your lips with a dry tissue. It won’t take off the pigment from your lips.

The texture of both shades is identical. It’s creamy, thick and reminiscent of the MAC matte lipsticks, but this one is not that dry.

It distributes on my dry lips quite easily, but all the imperfections are noticeable then, so again - mind the moisturizing!

It wears around 4-5 hours on me and wears off gradually beginning from the middle part of my lips. The lipstick doesn’t bleed and stays put, but it’s a little bit drying to my lips.

MLS 11 Tea Rose is a gentle, nude and cold violet shade with a hint of dusty pink.

This shade is the most popular in the line and suitable for absolutely all skin types. It visually makes my lips fuller and sexier. The shade is very thick, so it covers up my natural lip color in the first try.

MLS 15 Whipped Caviar is very close to the previous shade, but it’s warmer and darker than the first one. It’s dusty-pink with a plum undertone. The hue looks dark because of insufficient lighting. Moreover, you can see a hint of light-brown to it sometimes, which makes the shade very warm.

Both shades are suitable for everyday use. They make my makeup more gentle and feminine.

The product is non-scented. It has absolutely no odor to it. Also, it has no taste about it.

Price: $6.

I’m really pleased with the results and now I plan on purchasing some other shades to test, but I’ll opt for some brighter shades next time.

Thanks for reading.

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MirandaBeauty recommends NYX Matte Lipstick

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