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Written on Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hi girls!

I received this palette for testing and when I opened the box, I was so amazed by the ULTIMATE MULTI-FINISH SHADOW PALETTE. It’s no surprise, because the color range is insane!

The blue, turquoise, pink and yellow-green shades are so vibrant and luscious! How could I resist the temptation and not try it?


The range is available in 4 palettes, where two of them have quite wearable and versatile shades, the one with bronze-emerald-purple hues and the last one, the colorful, vibrant and summertime palette is mine:

The packaging is classy, lightweight and not flimsy.

The palette consists of shades with the following textures:

  • the upper row is matte

  • the middle row is satin

  • the lower row is shimmery

Basically there are only 4 shades that have 3 different textures. As for me, I consider this idea to be very fascinating. I haven’t used anything like that before.

The palette №05 ELECTRIC is designed for bold and audacious girls. The color range is obviously not for everyday use and not for every girl.

Once I watched a girl who was showing some swatches and makeups with similar shades. She won the NYX contest a few years ago.

Did I like her makeup art? Yes, her looks were awesome and out-of-this-world. Did I like to repeat it on me? Oh, no…

I just couldn’t imagine such bright and vibrant hues on my face. Where to wear them and the main question was: would they look good against my skin...? Well, I’m really happy to have an opportunity to try this palette and some new looks Smile



The upper row consists of 4 matte tones. They are the most chalky and low-pigmented colors out of this palette. In fact, it’s impossible to make these shades crazily-pigmented with a matte finish.

They pick up with a brush really well and apply alright without leaving behind a lot of fallout. I use them without any eyeshadow base, but if you want to get the color you see in the refill, you should definitely use a base.

The shades are good for blending out the other shades.

The further 4 shades are satin and highly-pigmented. They are soft and nice to the touch. They are not dusty and pick up with a brush easily.

They apply to my dry eyelid without fuss. To get the color like in the refill, apply at least two coats or use an eyeshadow base.

This row pairs really well with dark matte shadows. They kind of add a highlight.

The blue tone is the most beautiful out there in my book. It looks marvelously on a black matte base color.

These shades give an even and quite thick coverage in a single layer:

The last row is shimmery. Here, the shades are medium-pigmented. They are less pigmented than the satin shades, but more than the matte ones.

They are a tad dry and dusty and pick up well with a brush. HOWEVER, the shimmering particles fall out a little bit while applying.

Although these tones look amazing, I don’t really like them. The thing is that the shadows are not so enjoyable to apply because of their dry and quite sturdy texture.

The glistening particles are medium-size and quite noticeable in the sun. The most beautiful shade in this row is yellow-green:

Here is the comparison of the shimmery and satin rows:


Actually this palette offers so much scope for the imagination. If you have another palette with more multitasking shades like black, brown or blue, you will definitely love this purchase.

I’ve decided to stop being modest and try many looks I was afraid to try earlier. I used bright blues, yellow-greens and pinks that I’ve never worn before.

And you know what, I loved some of the looks, but I’ll tell you about my impressions a little later.

  • Makeup №1:

The so-called clown makeup Smile I wouldn’t wear it in real life, but it was really curious to combine all 4 shades in one makeup. Wink

Here is a mixture of matte, satin and shimmer hues. Combining the blue and pink I could manage to get my own purple color. Yay Smile

This choice is extremely bright and suitable for themed parties very well. Is this eyeshadow well-pigmented given that I applied it without any base? What do you think? I guess, it is.

By the way, the eyeshadow removes easy-breezy. The shades do not absorb into my eyelid. However, some shimmering particles can stick to my eyelid a little bit, but everything washes off without leaving any residue on the second try.

  • Makeup №2:

Oh, this is my favorite option so far. Here, I applied the black matte color as a base in an arc form, i.e. excluding the center of my eyelid. Then I blended out its edges and applied the satin turquoise shade to the center of my eyelid, the edges of which I blended out with a shimmery turquoise.

This look is so easy to create. The only thing is to learn how to blend out the black color properly. It looks very festive and will be perfect for an evening. You can create this makeup with any other color too, but this green-blue look seems to me especially ‘expensive-looking.’

  • Makeup №3:

How can I do without lines? Smile

I felt like drawing these lines with the blue and then turquoise shades. I applied the eyeshadow with a damp slanted brush. At first I used the satin, then the same shimmery hues.

I couldn’t manage to show you the beauty of these lines in the photos, but the overflow is more clear and so gorgeous in person, you can take it from me.

I will definitely try this makeup in spring and summer. I would also like to add a colorful body of the line and a matte black tip. I guess, it’s going to be fun and cute Smile

  • Makeup №4:

Just pink lines, nothing special. I applied it with a damp brush with the satin shade first, then the one with shimmer to it.

I think it looks quite childish and pretty. I may repeat this makeup in spring just for fun. I love the pink color itself. I even used it for my whole eyelid solo and it looked quite extraordinary and fun.


You can purchase it on the official website for $18.


MY VERDICT: What can I actually say? Exceptional? Hell yes! Loved it? Yep! Will I continue experimenting with this eyeshadow palette? Undoubtedly!

The palette is very bright, unique and crazy to some extent. Yes, it is not suitable for everyone, that’s for sure. I think it’s for makeup artists, young girls and those who love being different and stand out from the crowd.

As for me, I’m really glad I’ve tried this product. I would never know that barbie pink looks so good on me… or that I can use a yellow-green color in my makeup.

The palette performs really well and most of the shades are highly-pigmented. More than that, they apply and blend out easily.

I give it 4 stars due to some dryness and sturdiness of the last shimmery row. These shades feel too heavy for my eyelids.

I would definitely recommend this eyeshadow palette to a friend!

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P.S. See you soon!

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