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Written on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I don’t like creamy eyeshadows, and I wouldn’t have bought this myself, but I randomly received it as a sample in exchange for an unbiased review.


What does it promise:

Let your imagination run wild with Vivid Brights Crème Colour. Bring your most artistic ideas to life using our 12 pigmented eye colors. From hot pink to lavender and pure gold, this range of daring hues is sure to delight every adventurous makeup artist. Feeling creative? This velvety formula is also great for painting and precision detailing.


It was the only color I received. However, you can create a lot of interesting things with just one color, if you know what to do. What do I expect from eye shadows, especially from creamy ones? Of course, it’s good lasting power! My eyelids tend to get oily, plus they are a little hooded. It is important that my perfect eyeshadow doesn’t settle into the lid crease. It’s a little thing, of course, but it can make the whole eye makeup look messy.


Price: $10

Volume: 5 g.


In fact, this little jar can last for a century, since the expense is minimal.

The eyeshadow arrived wrapped in protective tape. The jar is made of transparent glass, heavy in spite of its small size. The lid is simply a screw top. No brush included. You are supposed to have your own brushes


You can pick up the eyeshadow with a finger or a brush, depending on your preferences. I tried both. Synthetic brushes are better for such formulas. A soft natural brush can not blend such firm shadows, which can damage the brush.


# 12 Pillow Talk is complex and mysterious. A kind of gray-lilac, a little brownish dusty color. It is not like taupe, because it has a lilac undertone. It looks almost the same in any lighting. With a flash and with artificial light it seems more lilac. On my skin in a thin layer, it’s a bit pinkish. The pigmentation is good, the eyeshadow is even and not patchy.


Shadows of NYX Vivid Brights smells of gouache paint. If you bring it to your nose, you can clearly smell it. However, there are no perfumes in the list of ingredients, which means that it is the smell of the components of which the eyeshadow is made.


The formula of the eyeshadow is so nasty! When you pick up the shadows with your finger, it seems to be flexible and mousse-like, and you can only hope that it would be the same on the eyelids. But the eyeshadows become firm in an incomprehensible way.. As a result, the lidstretches during the application process, which is highly unpleasant and really harmful for the delicate skin in that area.


It’s recommended to add a Multitasker Mixing Medium, if the formula is too dry.


Unfortunately, I do not have it, perhaps it would help to solve the problem and the eyeshadow would be easier to deal with.


Since I have hooded eyelids, the formula seems to stick them together, even though the eyeshadow doesn’t seem sticky at first.


Due to its inflexible formula, the blending process doesn’t go smooth. You can do it with fingers, but the result appears to be too boring.

Here's a simple makeup I created with the help of fingers and a brush. I used only this NYX Vivid brights eyeshadow, a brown pencil and a mascara. But it took me at least 15 minutes to apply and blend everything neatly. I did it only for the sake of the review.


The eyeshadow doesn’t have good blendability. The first time, I took too much out of the jar and it turned into a dirty spot on my eyelids. I tried to blend it, but it didn’t work out and I decided to add dry eye shadows, like the girls did in their reviews. I wish I had not done this. It turned into really dirty streaks! It looked disgusting. With dry eyeshadows, you can fix it in this situation. But with this one, you can only wash it off. I was so angry I almost threw the ill-fated jar out of the window!


Then I calmed down and decided to tame this eyeshadow, because Vivid Brights requires skill! Therefore, for beginners in makeup and mere mortals is not the best choice.


I tried to mix this eyeshadow with Perfect Filter dry eyeshadows, and the result was much better. The color became more gray.


But the greatest trouble with this eye shadow is its lasting power. It simply doesn’t last on my eyelids, no matter what I do. After three hours, the eyeshadow slides off in the creases. If you apply it in a thin layer, the makeup fades completely. After 10 hours I feel as though the eyeshadow has simply melted off. Eyeshadow base does not solve the problem in any way, alas.

However, in a mix with dry eyeshadows, this eyeshadow lasts up to 8 hours.


The removal process is quite simple, since this eyeshadow can be easily removed with cleansing oil. It’s hard to wash it off with just water and face wash.

And then I realized that I can use this eyeshadow as a brow powder. Why not?

Check it out Laughing out loud


The look is not for everyday, and it’s far from natural. But it can be still acceptable for some occasions. This eyeshadow is much easier to use on the eyebrows.


I’ll share a little list of my recommendations with you, if you are inexperienced with creamy eyeshadows:


How to apply them neatly?


  • Pick up a little bit with a brush.
  • Apply it without haste.
  • Keep ready a bottle of micellar water and a few cotton swabs to fix any possible flaws.
  • If you want to add some dry eye shadows, do it gradually starting at the center of the lid with patting finger motions, and then blend the eyeshadow in the corners of the eye. Do not overdo it, and do not rub the eyeshadows too hard, otherwise it will look messy.


As it turned out, it’s quite a good product for eyebrows, but not for eyelids.


I don’t like the formula, it's very inconvenient to work with. Plus, the lasting power is poor. Maybe it will be better if your eyelids aren’t hooded.


Maybe it will be great for makeup artists and creative people, but alas, not for me.


Thank you for reading my review!

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Vertigosha recommends NYX Vivid Brights Crème Colour

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