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Written on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

If you still don’t know how to draw beautiful winged eyeliner, this review is for you!

The secret for beautiful and precise lining in makeup lies within a good quality eyeliner. Of course one can easily turn to eye pencils or gel liners but you won’t ever get that precision and color payoff from them like from a liquid eyeliner. They can be of different types: classy with a brush, fitted into a top cap and pens (the same as eyeliners).

The last ones can have felt tips or brushes with a great deal of precise tiny bristles. I can highly recommend you go for the second option! And I’ll tell you why…

The thing is that felt-tipped applicators:

  • may become bushy

  • loose their shape which results in no thin lines in the future

  • the liquid formula won’t reach the tip

  • the tip will be stained with your eyeshadows

Given all that, the brush eyeliners have nothing to do with the listed drawbacks! They’re thin and calligraphic. They glide smoothly on my eyes creating beautiful and really precise lines.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many of such eyeliners on the market. However, lately, they’ve started to appear more and more!

So today, I dedicate my review to the Eye Booster, 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum from Physician's Formula.

This product has all the cons that can be listed.

I have another eyeliner from ArtDeco and I’m stunned when I see how similar these two look, starting with the packaging and finishing with the shades and results. PF also offers saturated brown and black shades in their collection. They are both great! As a rule, I own two such eyeliners in both shades.

This brush enables me to draw a line of any thickness! The tip of my winged lines can be the thinnest and the most graceful with it.

One more significant pro is its staying power. I mean these lines stay put on my eyes for the whole day! Even the tip of the line isn’t smudged or faded. Moreover, my mother-in-law with her aging skin and fine lines is also very pleased with this product! (I buy it for her regularly. She says that she’s never tried a better eyeliner in her life)

One more good thing about it is its shelf life. Even though it isn’t big, I still can use it within 6-8 months given regular use. I don’t draw cat eyes every day but a couple of times a week for sure.

The product doesn’t lose its pigmentation!

Also, they promise a lash boosting complex. I don’t know how to assess it.

Disclaimer: on my Instagram direct I have received several messages that this eyeliner doesn’t stay on well and smudges. Maybe the quality highly depends on the lot of the product. Maybe, the storing conditions were breached. Or maybe the quality still depends on the thickness of your lines.

I’ve bought this product many times and for all those years, I have never had any issues with the quality.

Tip: If you stained the brush with your eyeshadow, wipe it off with a cotton pad soaked with micellar water.


  • Price: $11.49

  • My rate: 10 out of 10!

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miamiolga recommends Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum

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