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Written on Friday, September 28, 2018


Here I am, talking about another bright lipstick. This time, it’s Sephora Lip Last in Pure Red. The first impression turned out to be wrong - to my greatest disappointment. All the details you can find below:

Price: $14

Size: 0,06 oz / 1,7 g.

Color: #19 Pure Red


The lipstick comes in a rather untraditional stick, which is long and narrow and resembles a marker. Its design is eye-catching, glossy and black, with silver letters.

Color range:


My imagination runs wild when I see all these 20 colors, nude, red and mauve. Also, there is a great range of red lipsticks. I counted at least 7!

Formula and scent:

The lipstick is long with a crumbly tip. It doesn’t break even when it’s hot.

However, the formula is a bit too dry. It’s hard to characterize this lipstick as creamy, because it dries in a heartbeat after application. That’s why the texture doesn’t feel nice on my lips.

Good news: the lipstick builds no clumps and doesn’t bleed.

The scent is pretty unusual for a lipstick: it’s a lingering fruity-flowery aroma that brightens the not-so-pleasant process of application.

Color: I got the shade 19 Pure Red, which is 100% red, bold and rich. Amazingly beautiful. Warm and cold undertones balance each other out, making this lipstick almost scarlet. In the rays of the setting sun a coral undertone appears as well. It’s a very interesting and versatile color. The pigmentation is crazy, just take a look:

A swatch under bright sun can be found below:

This is my first red lipstick and I have nothing to compare it with, but I have a feeling that the Pure Red is almost perfect in terms of pigmentation and color. It totally lives up to its name!


Everything seems awesome in swatches but the application is so troublesome! A lip liner is required. Mine is a bit darker than the lipstick, you can see it in the photos.

This lipstick can’t be applied with a brush - see the description of its formula above. The lipstick dries instantly, both on the lips and on a brush.

There is only one choice left: draw lip contours with the lip liner and fill in the lip surface with the lipstick. I have to mention, though, that it applies unevenly but without patches.


It covers the natural lip color fully with the first coat and leaves no clumps.

The lipstick is hard to layer: the thicker the coat is, the more the lipstick crackles. But even the thinnest coat looks like clay on my lips.


Once again, it dries too fast. The finish is absolutely matte. A comparison:


To be honest, I even liked this lipstick at first. It was like “applied and removed instantly”. Maybe it was hard to apply but the result was worth it. Isn’t it great? I thought that maybe this lipstick needed time….

The best part began when I used an appointment at the pediatrician as an excuse to wear this lipstick (stay-at-home moms need their small pleasures). I really loved the whole look of my makeup with it: fresh and bright.

And that’s what I saw on my lipstick after one cup of coffee:

It’s awful! The way the lipstick comes off is simply unacceptable! As you can see, it cracks and falls off, removing the lip liner as well.

The lipstick can’t live through even a cup of tea. Luckily, the rest of it can be easily removed with a wet wipe, which I did back in the coffee shop.

The Lip Last Lipstick can’t be used and I had to throw it into a trash can where it belongs.

General thoughts: I can’t give this more than 2 stars. It could be one if not for the nice color range and great pigmentation.


But there are more drawbacks:


  • overly dry formula
  • troublesome application
  • requires a lip liner and can’t be applied with a brush
  • awful lasting power
  • the matte finish looks pathetic because of the way it crackles
  • too pricey for the quality

Not recommended!

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  • It’s an excellent lipstick!

    Bonitkka's picture

    Hello everybody!!! I have this lipstick in the color #04 BROWN IS BACK. The color selection in this collection is huge and they offer a lot of beautiful colors there.   My color is very universal, I think. This is why I actually bought it! :) By the way I bought it for $14.