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Written on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hello there!

When it was time to buy a new concealer for me, I looked through the reviews and stopped on this one Smoothing & Brightening Concealer from Sephora, which had such sounding promises.

Whether I regretted purchasing it or not, you’ll find out later.

So, general product info:

Size: 3.25

Price: $14

Made in France

Shade: 2.5 Radiant Porcelain

______________________________________OUTER APPEARANCE____________________________

The concealer is housed into a long black pen-like tube with a twist mechanism. There’s also a nylon applicator at the end of it. The applicator closes with a cap, which fits tightly and won’t pop open.

The tube was safely sealed with tape and the bottom part has a sticker with the shade on it.


The plastic housing rapped quickly for some reason, even though I hadn’t dropped it or anything.

Applicator - it’s a tapered brush which was so stiff at first. It felt like it was glued or something. It’s good only for product application and not for blending at all. It’s better to use another brush or your fingertips for blending.


To get the concealer, just twist the middle part of the tube, which is color-coded with the product inside. Usually, 2-3 twists are enough for my under eye area. However, right after the purchase, I had to twist it about 30 times before the concealer appeared.


Besides, I don’t know the reason for that, maybe it’s because of too stiff brush or because of the thick texture of the product, I can’t always control the coming out amount and usually end up with having more than I need.

Considering all that, I don’t think this packaging is handy.

________________________________SHADE AND CONSISTENCY______________________________

I have it in the shade 2,5 Radiant Porcelain. All in all there are 4 shades in the color line-up. This fair beige shade will be good for anyone with not too fair or too dark skin color.


The consistency is creamy and rather thick. It isn’t runny at all though not gooey at the same time.

It’s pretty nice to distribute and the coverage is above average. The smell is ordinary and cosmetic.

It’s difficult to assess the spending of the product because the tube isn’t see-through.



Product promises:

A collection of tinted concealers to hide imperfections, brighten dark circles, and smooth the appearance of fine lines.

Boost radiance, brighten the complexion, moisturize, and even out wrinkles in a single step. Light-reflecting pigments erase dark circles and signs of fatigue while hiding imperfections. Hyaluronic acid keeps skin hydrated and nourished.

____________________________________________RESULTS ________________________________

But let’s meet my under eye dark circles first. My skin is aging and I can already see some fine lines, blood vessels and dark circles on my under eye skin, especially in the morning.

In the picture, it looks better than in life:

When I use this concealer, it’s easy to distribute however, it doesn’t want to blend into my skin. After blending, I can still see some splotches in coverage which are just like concentrated pigmented spots. I defined them in the picture.

I also tried applying it over my moisturizer and eye serum and blended it out with brushes and fingers. The result is always the same. Honestly, this is the first time when I face such problems with a concealer.

Even at the places where the product seemed to be applied more or less good, I can still see the pigment stuck in my skin.

It may not be so obvious from afar but when I look at it close in the mirror, I see everything. The concealer is visible and I don’t like it.

Moisture aspect

Can you see moisturized skin there? I can’t. I can see a really dehydrated skin which thirsts for moisture. But here, I applied my eye cream before this concealer!

Besides, the concealer is also said to be hydrating. But instead of skin soothing, I received new wrinkles and that upsets me so much.


The finish is matte and I can’t make out any light reflecting particles there, as well as any radiance from it.

It doesn’t crease but by the end of the day, it becomes so obvious on my skin.

The coverage is high, though, given all the flaws that it has, the coverage isn’t important for me at all.

I love using it as a corrector more because it distributes well and thanks to the pigmented formula, it covers my red spots. I set it with powder and love this combo a lot.


Overall. Not good as a concealer. There are many other concealers for a lesser amount of money. I’ll keep on using it as a corrector but I won’t repurchase.

Thanks a lot for your attention! :)See ya! Smile

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