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Written on Monday, December 10, 2018

Hello beauties!


I can never get enough of lipsticks! And beauty boxes actually help me out a lot! That’s how I met a mini of this lippie.


This product is actually my first one from the brand. I was so curious to find out what quality they offer for the price they put.

It all starts with packaging, right? Even the mini version has a nice cardboard cover. It’s red, beautiful and absolutely gorgeous.

The casing is pretty interesting. It’s edged. And I feel like the mini version is more edged indeed.

It’s especially visible from the bottom:

The plastic is semi-sheer, of good quality and not thin.

In general, the mini doesn’t look much different from the full size. One more thing, the small lipstick doesn’t have the branded lettering inside.

Price: $25

Size: 4g - full size. 2.5g small.

Made in Japan

Expires within 24 months of opening.

Ingredients and general product info:

The bullet here is smooth and round. It’s more than just good for a lipstick, especially creamy lipstick.

I don’t detect any aroma at all.

The texture is creamy and as though buttery. It feels like it melts down once it touches my skin. This is the reason why I can go overboard with it and apply too much.

The shade RK 354 is neutral beige-pink nude. Nice, wearable and fair-skin flattering. For me, it seems to be a little bit whitening, even though it swatches rather well.

The finish is glossy. The product isn’t setting.

The application is effortless. The most important thing is not to apply too much, otherwise, the formula will immediately settle into lip crevices turning into a cheap-looking chapstick. No lip lining is required, at least for this very shade.

It looks good within the first minute of application. My lips are chapped but here I don’t detect any boo-booes.

And then I got distracted and took the following pictures within 5 minutes and here I can already see some clumps and unevenness on my lips. I was so puzzled.


Full-on makeup look. This shade is perfect for vibrant eye makeup.


Performance on my lips: Well, I don’t know what I’m gonna say here. I applied this lippie and started taking pictures for this review. Some time later, I noticed little crumbles starting to form. Well, I don’t even mean “some time later”, it took not more than 5 minutes. After that, the product started fading from my lips. But still, it felt rather comfortable, not too long, though. The texture isn’t tacky.

The lippie fades more actively from my inner lips but it isn’t so visible thanks to the nude color.


There’s NO LONGEVITY! I mean it. I can’t even comment upon the longevity factor. This is what happened 50 minutes after the application. Where’s my lipstick? It’s just gone. I didn’t eat, talk or do anything else. I could just rub my lips together a little several times. This is terrible. I don’t know where it’s gone. Was it soaked up? Well, I know that it’s a creamy lipstick but that’s too much, isn’t it? There’s no more than 10% of the shade left. And yeah, there’s some pigment stuck on my flakey skin.

The spending is pretty big, the formula is creamy and fatty. And of course, it requires a touch-up every 30 minutes. Laughing out loud


Removal: It’ll vanish itself. No need to bother with washing it off.

My lips after use: They are okay. They don’t look hydrated or nurtured but they still don’t look worse.

Key facts:



★ Beautiful casing

★ Pleasant texture

★ Gentle nude shade

★ Fragrance-free

★ No tacky feel


★ No longevity

★ Price!!! What for?!

★ If you overdo it, the product looks super cheap then.


I don’t know how to conclude. I didn’t even get what that was. I could bear it if it was a dollar-store lipstick. But this brand is high-end. Or maybe that’s the shade to blame? The only thing that I’ve left is not to recommend this lippie in this color.

I give it 2 stars because creamy lipsticks are never long-wearing. But its performance… So lousy. And all those clumps which form within 5 minutes, they are disgusting.


Thanks for your attention!

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