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Written on Thursday, February 21, 2019
Pros: pigmentation, saturated shades
Cons: dusting texture

Tarte Tartelette™ Flirt Eyeshadow Palette

1. Price: $19

2. Weight: 6 refills 0.85g each

3. Made in the USA

4. Place of purchase: official site



I received this palette from a set, which also included full-sized lipsticks, a lip liner and a mascara.


5. Packaging: it’s a small cardboard magnet compact.

Inside there’s an top lid length mirror. No brushes or applicators.


The palette opens 180 degrees, though make sure to hold the top lips because the magnet always drags it back to the metal casing.


6. Each refill has its own list of ingredients.


7. Characteristics: there are 6 refills in the palette, 4 are mattes and 2 shimmering with a metallic sheen. Since they’re different in components, their characteristics aren’t the same.


The smell isn’t chasing and I can make it out only when placing the palette close to my nose.

The grain is the finest and the products are nicely pressed.

The matte shades are silky to the touch, the shimmers are rougher because of the chunky bits.

All the 6 shades are dusty to this or that extent.


The pigmentation is on fleek. The shades are super packed with pigments and they look more vibrant on my skin rather than in the palette. This mostly comes to the fair shade Gaze, which is ivory in the palette but on my skin, it reveals more orange and beige undertone.


The products are easy to pick up with a brush if I could ignore the fact that they dust all over the palette.

They are also nice to apply over my skin, ignoring the fact that a third of the powder falls down underneath my eyes.

All the shades can be packed, especially the shimmering ones. They are easy to get the foiled effect.


The quality of the Tartelette™ Flirt palette reminds me of some other eyeshadow palette, which is from Huda Beauty. It feels like these were manufactured in the same factory. Smile


The staying power is dope over a primer. They never crease or settle into my fine lines. However, I always spray my makeup with the MAC Fix+.

8. Shades, swatches:

Daytime lights:


Bright sunlight:


Top line:

Gaze - sandy matte shade, which is beige in the palette but orange on my skin. It’s super dusty. I use it for all my makeups all over my mobile lid.


Touch - vibrant orange metallic shimmer. The texture isn’t creamy, though not too dry either. It’s chunkier than the matte shade. It’s well pressed. I love this shade a lot and I use it all over my lids. It’s also dusty and requires a good adhesive primer.


Нotline - matte brown red-toned shade. I can also say this is terracotta. It isn’t the most wearable shade but I still can create a thousand of makeups with it. Apply it solo, to the crease, pair with a fairer shade or all over the lid. It’s not as dusty as the first shade.



Bottom row:

Рlayful - matte pale brown. Neutral shade, which is fine for the crease.

I tried filling in my brows with it. The result was too red-toned. It’ll be an essential color for everyone who loves nude makeup.


Рassion - the second shimmering shade with a metallic finish. It does require a primer, otherwise, all the shimmering bits will flake off.


Snuggle - dark brown matte shade. This one is better for my eyebrows. It looks more natural. I use it only to the crease but be careful - it may look too messy and I can’t dilute it with a fairer shade and have to wash off. Most frequently, I pair it with the Playful shade.



With my fingertip, no primer:

Gaze, Touch, Hotline.

Daytime lights:




Swatches with a brush. The upper left part of the swatch was applied over my nude skin and the lower right part over the NYX primer.


Daytime lights:



With my finger, no primer - Playful, Passion, Snuggle.


Daytime lights:




With a primer and without it with a brush:

Daytime lights:



9. Use and photos:

I haven’t tried wearing the product without a primer, especially when it comes to the dusty and shimmering shades.



I apply them the following way: some drops of primer all over my lids, blend it out with a brush. After that I apply the basic shade to set it.


I apply my foundation after finishing my eye makeup because they are dusty.


I follow the basic shade Gaze with an adhesive primer by NYX all over my mobile lid and pat in the darker shades over.

I use a clean and fluffy brush to blend out the edges and get a more beautiful transition.


#1- The most modest makeup, which I managed to create with the Flirt shade.

Gaze all over my lid, Playful and Snuggle are in the crease and Touch along my lashline.



#2-For 32 years, I still didn’t have a thought that orange shades look so advantageous over me. Sometimes it’s worth experimenting.

I love the shade Touch so much that I use it for almost all my makeups.

Here Gaze is all over my lids, Touch is for a mobile lid, Snuggle is in the crease and Hotline is along my lashline. I applied my favorite Jouer highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes.



#3- This is one of the most wearable makeups. Traditionally, Gaze is all over. The crease is done with the Passion shade. The crease was deepened with the Snuggle shade and the Playful shade is along my lower lash line. Again, the Jouer highlighter is in the corners of my eyes.


#4- Here I used only the matte shades from the palette.

Gaze is all over my lid, at first I applied Hotline to my mobile lid and then deepened the crease with the Snuggle. I lined my waterline with black eyeliner, which makes the look more defined.

This time I omitted the highlighter:



#5- One more makeup, where I use the shade from Tarte palette, along with the golden shades from Huda Beauty.

Again Gaze is all over my eyes, Playful and Snuggle are in the crease and the inner corners are nicely adorned with the golden pigment.

I did the lower lash line as well:



#6- Gaze is all over my eyes. Passion is over my mobile lid, Snuggle is in the crease and the lower lash line is done with the Playful color.


I also filled in my brows with the shade Snuggle. They may look a tad red, though I still find it nice for traveling.

I can also use the shade Passion instead of a highlighter.



#7- And the last makeup look - Gaze is all over my eyes, Hotline is over mobile lid and I left the crease untouched.

The Hotline is along the lower lash line. And the Becca Highlighter is in the inner corners.

The liner is from NYX.


10. Washing off: the products can be easily removed with micellar water or cleansing oil.




  • beautiful color selection, which will flatter everyone

  • matchy shades

  • dope pigmentation

  • all the shades are easy to blend (except Snuggle)

  • the shade Snuggle is a little bit messy on my eyes

  • the staying power is on fleek

  • they are dusty, especially the shade Gaze

  • I don’t feel them on my eyes

  • my eye skin isn’t dry underneath.


11. The bottom line: despite dusting and issues with the application, I still love this Flirt palette.

But I can’t assess it with more than 4 stars.

The shades are fantastic! The pigmentation and staying power are awesome!

Highly recommended!

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Avde eva recommends Tarte Tartelette™ Flirt Eyeshadow Palette

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