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Written on Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Pros: a little goes a long way, beautiful packaging, easy application, good ingredients which are more or less natural, gorgeous color selection, interesting design of the package, nice colors, saturated colors, they don’t dust, wear time, well pigmented

Hello everybody! Smile


I adore eyeshadows! Eyeshadow palettes are my soft spots. But since there are so many eyeshadow palettes at my home, it’s even a little bit indecent to say how many, I try to restrain myself each time I want to splurge on one more eyeshadow palette.

The Chocolate Gold collection from Too Faced is limited, though I didn’t run for it headlong as it usually happens, but was looking at it thoroughly for two months, swatching every shade and reading the reviews. Since all the reviews were exceptionally positive and I could see it myself that the quality of the products was top notch, as well as their pigmentation, I have finally decided to try this palette and buy it. So, here it is! Smile

The price of the palette was $49, which is a little bit more pricey than of those permanent collection palettes.

The first thing that I want to draw your attention to and commend the brand for is the package. Oh, it’s fabulous! The package looks like a beautiful chocolate bar which is stained with liquid gold. It looks so cool and really luxury. But here, there’s one more pleasant thing to pay attention to. You see, this palette closes with a click. It doesn’t have any magnet closure, like the palettes from the permanent collection. I heard that many girls complained that over time the magnet closure doesn’t work as good as when it's brand new. I haven’t faced such a problem with my palettes, but I believe that they tell the truth.

One of the main advantages of the palette is a huge mirror which is full-sized to the lid! If you have a permanent collection palette, then you probably know that it’s still possible to do your makeup looking into their mirrors, though it is pretty difficult and not actually aesthetic to look into a patterned and small piece of mirror.

In general this palette looks cool. I know that some people used to scald the Too Faced brand for their cosmetic products for looking too childish, but this Chocolate Gold palette looks serious and expensive. Nobody will have a thought that it’s a kids makeup palette in from of them. Even though I have to admit that I still like the Too Faced palettes design. They look so cute.

Palette contents:

There are 16 refill pans in the palette, 2 are big and they have 2.2g of the products, while the other 14 pans are smaller and have only 0.95g of the eyeshadows. All in all the weight of the refill pans is good and will be enough for a lifetime.


All the product smell of chocolate. The smell is very light and discreet.


There are 4 matte shades to shape your eyes, while 12 other shades are matte with satin accents in the palette.

The mattes look rather basic I think:

Rollin'in Dough

Milky-beige shade that can work as a base color, as well used as for correcting doodoos and blending.


So Boujee

Warm-toned light beige-brown color for the crease.


Cocoa truffle

More deeply-toned brown shade. It can also be used for the crease or for darkening the outer Vs.



Black matte hue


All in all, these are the most basic shades to shape your eyes.There isn’t any off-white satin color here to apply to the brow bone, but I deem that nowadays everyone has already had this color in their collections for sure. I don’t even regret that they haven’t infused the palette with this shade, because I don’t need the dupe for any of my highlighters. I’m so happy that they used this space for the other shades. Honestly, I don’t even need the black color here either. Smile


The quality of the matte shades is fantastic: they are all soft to the touch, well pigmented, never dust or fall out. The blending is very easy.


So now let’s pass over to the refill pans with the star shades from the palette. I highly recommend you apply them over your mobile lid as accents Smile

Money bags


This one is a beautiful satin boggy-green color. This is 100% an accent shade. Apply it over your mobile lid and blend out with the Cocoa Truffle color, otherwise it’ll look muddy on the lid, because it’s gray-based. You know, there are green satin shades, chromatics, which are brown-based, something like Make Up For Ever 302? Those colors can be blended alone and they don’t require any transition colors. The thing is that during blending all the green color blends into brown and looks beautiful. This shade is different. If you blend it out alone, it’ll look muddy and strange. This is why it can be used either as an accent shade, or blended out with some other transition color.


Chocolate Gold

This color is the same name as the palette and it’s for a reason. This is really one of the best shades here. It feels buttery to the touch, top notch golden color. The most beautiful golden color that I’ve ever seen. This is the true gold that has fantastic pigmentation. I’m so happy that they placed it in the big refill pan. It’s the reason why I bought the entire palette actually. It’s such a gorgeous shade, I’m sure that if you ever swatch this color, you’ll definitely buy this palette too.


Rich Girl

Beautiful shade, which is a hybrid of pink and white gold. It applies softly and has gorgeous color kickback.



Pink bronze, expensive shade which also applies beautifully.


Old Money

More warm-toned classic bronzy shade. The pigmentation is awesome, as well as the application.


New Money

This pink refill pan in the middle of the palette always steals the show. Smile It’s nicely pigmented and it has a lot of shimmer sparkle to it. It’s such an amazing pink color, especially in comparison with the boring pink from the Chocolate Bon Bons palette.



Classic copper color. The pigmentation is the same as of all the other shimmer shades from the palette.



Again, pink and bronze. Something between the Love&Cocoa and Old Money shades.


Holla For A Dolla

Sallow gold with a lot of flecks to it. This color looks very interesting and beautiful.


Gold Dipped

Classic golden color, which looks milder and less yellow in comparison with the Chocolate Gold.


Livin’ Lavish

Beautiful, flossie violet color.

Drippin’ Diamonds

True silver shade


All the shimmer shades have a crazy color pay-off. They are soft as butter and can be applied with fingers as well as brushes. There are a lot of copper shades in the palette, but they all look so differently that I always fall for them each time I look at the palette.


That’s a limited edition which is 100% a hit. And it doesn’t even look more advantageous over the palettes from the permanent collection, but it’s one of the best eyeshadow palettes ever!

If I am to compare the quality of this palette with the Sweet Peach and Chocolate Bon Bons palettes, then I can say that the Bon Bons palettes is the worst among them. The eyeshadows from that palette are so bad quality-wise that it feels like the person who created it was drunk. But I love the Sweet Peach palette. If you are to decide which palette to buy, the Sweet Peach or the Chocolate Gold, then of course grab the Chocolate Gold! Smile Because this palette is a joy as it is! It’s dope, beautiful and unfortunately, a limited edition. You’ll always have a chance to grab the Sweet Peach later! Smile

And of course some makeups with the palette:


I hope that you enjoyed my review, because I really tried my best to show and describe all its beauty Smile

See you soon! I wish everybody would get this palette one day Smile

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Vikky_Beautyholic recommends Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eye Shadow Palette

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