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Written on Friday, July 27, 2018


Again, I’m telling you about a lipstick. Smile This time the product is the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in the shade Berry.



The lipstick comes with a cardboard box. The design is appealing, here you can see a melting lipstick, draining down the golden box bottom.

As usual, all the info, including the list of ingredients is given on the box.

Size - 12ml

Made in Italy

The product has an awesome sweet and berry smell, which lives up to the name.

As for the lipstick itself, it’s placed in a soft tube with a screw-on top. It seems to be convenient, because the tube ensures that I’ll use the product up till the very last bit. They also offer a sponge applicator. And here’s where all the troubles begin…

I was literally screaming with delight when I tried this lipstick for the first time. I was raving with the applicator which let me apply the formula easily and evenly. But the second application was an epic fail when I tried to draw the lines with the applicator.

The sponge was full of formula, which made it less resilient in comparison with the first application. It was torture for me to try to apply the product beautifully, because it was always smeared and creased.

After that I could use the product only applying it with the help of a lip brush. By the way, make sure to use a good and stiff brush, otherwise, you risk having the same problems as with the applicator, if the brush is too soft.

But if you think that the applicator is the only gripe about the product, then I’ll tell you the following. SmileThe thing is that the lipstick requires not only a brush, but also a lip liner. In the photo below the product is just applied and it looks more or less good. But once I smile a couple of times or start speaking, the lipstick bleeds. By the way, no lip liner is able to keep it in place! I’m still on the look out for a good lip liner, but I can already say that the Charlotte Tilbury and Huda Beauty lip liners have lost this fight.

However, the lipstick applies well on the first go with a lip brush as well as with this so-called applicator. Moreover, the color looks really saturated.

Oh, yes, try not to smile a lot with this lipstick on, because half of it is sure to end up on your teeth. Smile And you might wonder why, but guys, have a look at the packaging - they promised us a melting lipstick, so here it is!

The product doesn’t set on my lips at all and it isn’t transfer-proof. (which is so strange for me because almost all the lipsticks that I have do really set, even those with a creamy formula). Don’t even think of kissing someone with it on, or drinking (maybe only with a straw) or do anything else, because the lipstick will quickly stain everything. Not only your beloved, but also your chin and under lips, and nose, and even clothes.

The product looks good on my lips. It doesn’t accentuate my lip relief or give drying feel, for the first thirty minutes or an hour after the application, though. Smile The finish, as you can see, is pretty glossy, but some time later all the moisturizing components start to disappear, leaving my lips super dry. There isn’t a matte lipstick that could give such a drying feel to my lips, as this one.

within 2 hours of wearing the product. Plus, I drank some water right from the bottle on the way home
within 2 hours of wearing the product. Plus, I drank some water right from the bottle on the way home

Not the most pleasant photo, but it proves my words. (I took this photo with my phone when I didn’t even plan to write a review, so sorry for the quality.)

You can see everything that I described - my lips are so dry that I can even feel incredible tightness. And after a glass of water, the product traveled from my lips to the skin. Also you can see how unpleasantly it settled into my lip crevices on my upper lip. After that I had to wear a lip balm a lot.


In theory, the product is long-wearing. Of course, if you manage to deal with all those tightening and dried out lips feelings, because all the moisture disappears and you are left only with the pure pigment on your lips (aka lip tint), which is super staying and almost impossible to wash off. (maybe a bi-phase makeup remover can be helpful if you rub it into your lips at least for 10 minutes.)

By the way, I’ll distract you a little and show you a small comparison. SmileI bought this lipstick because of its bright and saturated berry color, because I hadn’t had any similar shade in my collection before. Moreover, I don’t even have it it now. But anyway, I’ll show you two other lip glosses which might have a berry hint of color as well. SmileYou can purchase this Melted lipstick for $20, but is it worth doing it?

I understand that my review might be too long for some people, that’s why I put my final thoughts here shortly for those who are too lazy to read a lot:

  • the product requires a lip brush application, because the provided sponge “dies” over time;

  • the lipstick is bleeding, so make sure to use a lip liner too;

  • the formula becomes unbearably drying within a couple of hours of wearing;

  • it isn’t matte!;

  • it doesn’t set and stains everything, even your face;

  • it leaves a harsh, really long-wearing tint behind, which is challenging to wash off. And it keeps on drying out my lips too, until the moment I manage to remove it completely.

As for the good, I can list:

  • a gorgeous shade;

  • a pleasant smell;

  • insane pigmentation (which later causes a lot of problems).

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