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Written on Friday, July 20, 2018
Pros: aroma, easy application, moisture
Cons: absolutely not long wearing, it creases, it shows lip relief, it stains my teeth


I can’t say that I’m raving about this Too Faced brand. You see, the company is famous for its good quality eyeshadow palettes, but I’m mostly indifferent to them. I deem I could be even unaware that they also have other makeup products if there weren’t sales everywhere. A sale is always a good chance to grab something interesting with a good bargain and tickle your own vanity.

Well, this is actually how I got this babe, the hero of my review the Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in one of the most hyped shades Peony.


This purchase was reasonable for me, not only because of the discount, but also because of the hot weather we currently have. I don’t always want to wear a lot of makeup and this is why the minimum of cosmetics comes really handy. Different lip balms/glosses and lipsticks are here to quickly enliven my appearance and full look in general.


What do they say about their creation?

An intensely saturated lip color with a precise tip applicator.

The shine of a gloss, lasting power of a stain, and pigment-packed color of a liquid lipstick, all in one high-impact formula. Bold, long-wearing color glides on cleanly with the precision tip applicator, delivering rich color with staying power.


Currently, this is exactly the lip product’s formula that I wanted to have on my lips. I wanted the color to be saturated, yet not matte. And I really needed the formula to be exactly the same as they described. A little bit lower I’ll tell and show you what I mean, but now I want to stop on the theory of the lipstick at first and only after that come to the practical part.


So, general characteristics of the Liquified Melted Lipstick in the shade Peony:


Outward appearance: The brand really bribes with the bright design of their products, which are usually really difficult to pass by. This lipstick is actually a soft tube, which was packed with a thick and cardboard box.


And here I want you to pay special attention to the following interesting fact: the cardboard box, as well as the tube itself smell of raspberry. Yes, I mean it! They both have a subtle yet noticeable raspberry smell. Honestly, this is the first time when I can say that a cosmetic product has such a pleasant aroma. For a long time I couldn’t make out what smelled so pleasantly and raspberry-like in my makeup pouch, until one day I eventually found everything out. Smile

The box and the tube have the same color - there I can see a lot of vibrant, juicy pink color, accompanied with black and golden shades, which look classy and stylish at the same time. The box and the tube have some product info on it.



As I’ve already mentioned above, the tube with the lipstick is made of a soft and sturdy plastic material. It doesn’t lose its shape, even if I press it often. The top cap is actually golden colored and closes tightly with the tube. No problems here.



The product has a soft sponge applicator, which allows me to apply the lipstick evenly. Even though I use the lipstick rather frequently, the applicator still looks decent.


Shade: The Peony shade is actually a neutral-toned pink color, which looks natural over my lips and never seems cheap or vulgar.



Peony is rightly the best-selling product in the collection, because its versatile and will be flattering across all skin tones. For me it’s a more early spring color. It isn’t highly packed with the pigment and it does cover my natural lip pigment on the first go, but beware, if you layer it, then the formula may show lip relief and crease.


Consistency: This is where the hell begins: as you can see in the swatch, the product has a light and liquid texture, which is nice to blend and it has a dewy finish. Within approximately 20 minutes, the finish sets and turns into velvet.



This is where my doubts have become to arise in terms of longevity. You see, the products with such texture are just impossible to make stay on the lips for long. This is why it’s always better to test the product on the lips. Even though the lippie has a runny texture, it doesn’t feather, though it can crease if you apply too much;


Size: 0.4 oz/ 12 mL


Aroma: The box and the tube have a distinctive raspberry aroma, which seems to be pretty natural, but I don’t feel it on my lips;


Made in Italy;


Price: currently the price of the product is $18.90 - 21.00


And now, let’s pass over to my favorite practical part, where we’ll have a thorough look at the Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in the shade Peony in my makeup.


Product application

I can apply this lipstick within seconds over my lips, thanks to the convenient applicator and watery texture. It goes on smoothly and gliding, distributing the product all over my lips, making them look moisturized and supple. I absolutely don’t feel the formula on my lips and the wear is really comfortable. By the way, I can also apply this lippie with a brush if I want to get more precise lines or dab it with my finger for a more tinted lips effect.


My lips look coated pink, but, when I look closer at two layers, I can see the uneven relief of my lips. Before the application I didn’t apply any lip balm or a chapstick, only my bare lips.


Aside the lip relief accentuating, this product also has got one more negative feature - it stains my teeth. So, I always have to worry about it, especially if I wear the lippie two layers. I can’t attach the photos of that doo-doo due to understandable aesthetic reasons. Smile

So now I want to come back to the finish of the lipstick - it becomes velvety, the most important is to let it set for about 20 minutes. But you don’t have to expect the truly velvety finish at all, because it always feels like I have my lips covered with a lip gloss and not a lipstick.



How does the product perform throughout the day?

Well, it was too reckless for me to say “throughout the day”, because the lipstick stays on for about an hour maximum!!! Once again, the staying power of the product is about an hour. Yes, we do still talk about the Long Wear Melted lipstick, of course. If you drink or eat, the product will disappear, leaving a lip tint behind which will accentuate all the skin relief even more. Have a look:

within an hour after the application
within an hour after the application


I can explain such a wear time with the way the product blends out. It’s just impossible for a lipstick to have such an easy blending and combine it with a fantastic wear time.



Thanks to the “impressive” wear time of the product, I have to touch up a lot, but still I can’t say the spending is huge. The lippie is sure to last months.


Washing off

No issues with washing off at all. I can remove it with a tissue, as well as with my fingers.


So, what’s my final verdict?

For the first several days when I was testing the product, I even had a thought that I bought a fake. The “Long Wear” lipstick can’t have such a crap wear time, can it? It doesn’t live up to the promises, and shouldn't be called that. But I bought it from a trusted beauty store this is why I have to face the music - the lipstick isn’t longwearing. Maybe the heat is the reason, or the sun. Maybe the product evaporates, I don’t know…



And I was almost ready to forget about that crap with the wear time, when I remembered about the creasing, lip relief accentuating and staining my teeth. How come the product with described above cons is worth $21? Yes, the design looks awesome, along with the shade, aroma, applicator, no-presence feeling, but still, it’s a crime to buy it even discounted.

This is why I can’t recommend this product. And now you know why.


Thanks for your attention. See you soon! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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