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Written on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hi, Sweeties! Smile

I love Too Faced for their eyeshadows, but was disappointed with the White Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow Palette. But first things first.

The design is cute like all the other eyeshadow palettes of the brand. For me, this palette looks a little bit childish, but why not. The material is plastic as opposed to the Sweet Peach or Chocolate Bon Bons palettes.

The writing fades and the palette itself gets scratches after a while.

Size: 5g (so tiny, right.)

Developed in the USA, but made in the Dominican Republic.

Shelf life: 12 months after opening.

The size is very small for real. It’s smaller than my palm, but it’s a plus for me, because such a size is useful for travelling.

The cap opens up 180 degrees. Inside you can find a compact mirror.

The smell is the same as with all chocolate eyeshadow palettes of the brand. For me personally, it’s sickening and chemical. In my opinion, cocoa has a different scent.

Inside the palette you can see 11 shades! But the refills are tiny and not really diverse.

The eyeshadow has different finishes: matte, shimmer, satin and matte with glitter.

The matte hues are pretty well pigmented and blend out very well without falling out. However, they are very dusty in the palette itself.

Swatching the shades with my fingers, the difference in the colors is pretty noticeable, but applying them to my eyes they all look peachy-beige.

The shimmering and satin shades are soft and buttery. They apply with my fingers or with a wet brush better, but unfortunately it doesn’t always help.

The wear time is alright when the product is used with an eyeshadow base, but the shimmering shades may fade a little towards evening.

Let’s look at each shade separately.

Glaze is the worst shade out there. This is totally a miss. It looks tlike a light matte shade, but in reality it’s not pigmented at all. It doesn’t pick up with a brush altogether. So, it’s absolutely useless for me.

Ambrosia is a matte beige-pink.

Exotica is a light bronze shimmer with a pink undertone.

Pearl Candy is a silver shimmer with huge separate silver glistening particle. It looks beautiful in a palette and in the swatch, but it’s absolutely undetectable on my eyes.

It whitens out my eyelid and gives it no glow or anything. Plus, the shimmer falls out incredibly and no wet brush can help it.

Raspberry Rose is a satin rose gold duochrome that is beautiful on my hand, but unnoticeable on my eyelid.

Indulge is a cool light taupe with a satin finish. It’s half-transparent and indistinct. You have to layer it to get any intense and bright payoff.

Guilt-Free is a cool matte gray.

Cake Batter is a warm matte sandy shade.

Cookie Dough is a matte beige-brown with some fine golden particles.

Sugared Raisin is a satin gray-lilac.

Black Sugar is a matte black shade with silver particles. I don’t get why they added silver to this shade. The thing is that these silver particles fall out when applying and blending out. As a result you get a messy black shade on the eyelid.

The description is very sad, but in reality it’s even worse.

I did my best with this eyeshadow and still I couldn’t help but use a creamy eyeshadow base and other palettes to get any good results.

Here, I used the shades Ambrosia, Cake Batter, Pearl Candy, Sugared Raisin and Black Sugar. All the shades are applied to the Colour Pop No Filter Concealer.

In this makeup, I also used the shades Ambrosia, Exotica, Raspberry Rose, Guilt-Free and Black Sugar on a creamy base. Have you noticed the rose gold in the center of my eyelid? I haven’t, but I applied it there!

Additionally, I had to use the Tarte Tarteist Pro To Go Palette and Kiko Milano creamy eyeshadow.

After a while I also decided to darken the outer corner of my eye with the shade Black Sugar, but the shimmering particles fell out very quickly. Moreover, I added the Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in the shade "Kitten Karma" to it.

I’m not at all pleased with the results and I’m utterly disappointed.

Initially I got attracted to this palette because of the white package, gentle shades and cool and warm color tones, but the quality leaves much to be desired. It’s not even on the same playing field as the other Too Faced palettes.

A no for me!

It retails for about $26.

Thanks for stopping by! Be always beautiful and happy shopping! Wink

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