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Written on Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Pros: complicated shades, easy blending, good quality, good quality brush, looks beautiful, pearl casting, wear time, well pigmented
Cons: some shades fall out, the eyeshadows require a primer

Hello beauties! Smile

I want to talk about something serious with you today. You know, isn’t just a website for me, it’s a real blog which I want to develop and share my thoughts and life-hacks with you here. Today I want to write a huge review of my favorite eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay! My review will be long yet interesting, as I was preparing to write it for 11 months!

At first I want to speak about the palette itself and tell you why I decided to choose exactly the Naked 3 palette. So, let’s get started. Smile

I store this palette in the box it came in. Yes, I do, as I’m really afraid to drop it on the floor and break it.

Honestly, for the past couple of weeks, I broke down so many items, that it’s better to keep my precious palette in the box. The thing is that everything flies out of my hands and I can more or less fix my blushes but my cell won’t survive any more fixing.

If you want to make sure that your baby-palette isn’t a fake, you’ll need to turn it backwards and find the system number. Usually they don’t bother with such things if they're fake cosmetic products. Also here you can find some info on when your palette expires. When I looked here, I was shocked. My palette expired in February 2017! I was presented with it on my birthday in 2016 and I can’t imagine that I could use it up within a year. But now, I absolutely don’t care about this date, as it’s practically impossible to use up at least a third of the refill pans from the palette within a year (maybe only in case you’re a makeup artist and work a lot).

The box also housed 4 sachets of eyeshadow primers by the brand. These were: the Original, Anti-aging, Minor Sin and Eden. And I can assure you that I can see a colossal difference when I actually use the primer before the eyeshadow application from when I don’t. My advice to you is - if you decided to buy any of the Naked palettes, grab the primer along, as if you don’t, the palette might seem useless then!

All the shades look brighter and bolder if I wear them over any of these primers! The sachets really go a long way, that’s true. If you want to make your eye makeup pop but you haven’t bought a primer yet, don’t worry and use the primer from the sachets. You’ll need the tiniest bit which will really work wonders. I guess that one sachets was enough for me to use within a month or even 2 months.


The design of the palette is just fabulous. I always get so much aesthetic delight when I look at the palette. It always captivates me with some beautiful and unusual feelings. The palette itself is fantastically pleasant to hold in my hands. I like opening and closing it! Smile Don’t take it wrong or presume that I spend hours sitting opening and closing the palette. No, it’s just all about when I open the palette in the morning and feel very creative!

The design is truly tempting, as the palette is ribbed and voluminous. It feels as though this palette and I have some special “contact”. On the lid they placed a beautiful name of the palette Naked 3 by Urban Decay with stunning letters. The caption looks noble here.


I’m really happy with this palette, as it's original and it’s so pleasant to know that it’s good quality and treat it as though the palette is a gem for me or a bar of gold. I guess makeup geeks now understand what I mean!

Opening the palette you’ll see a lot of interesting things inside. I’ll continue talking about the top lid. You can feel free to open it 180 degrees and be sure nothing bad will happen with it. Smile And of course I can’t omit the mirror! It’s of such good quality, guys. I really appreciate that it doesn’t distort anything - in a word, it’s just a dream mirror! It’s quite a rare occasion to meet a good quality mirror in an eyeshadow palette nowadays.

And of course there’s another firm fixture of the palette which I can’t forget to mention - the brush! Again, it’s protected from fakes as it also has a number on the body. The brush is dual sided, which is rather logical why and it’s very convenient to use. The first side with a more dense pack is smaller. It’s prolonged and well-shaped. This brush is for dabbing the color and maybe it’ll be nice to do the outer corners with.

The other side is a blending brush. I can also apply the basic color all over my lids with it. Oh, my God! You can’t even imagine how pleasant it feels to touch my eyelids with this brush! It really works wonders with the eyeshadow application! I’ve never seen such a brush that could have blended the eyeshadows on my eyes so beautifully and so quickly - within seconds, I’d say. Smile One more thing that I really appreciate about this brush is that it doesn’t mix the colors together on my eyes, making them look muddy or unpleasant while blending. And this is so important for a good brush.


To tell you the truth I can’t tell you exactly why I have opted for this eyeshadow palette, which is Naked 3. There are also Naked 1/2/4.The first palette seems to be too boring to me. The second was undoubtedly beautiful yet still there was something that stopped me from buying it (maybe this was because I’ve already had a lot of eyeshadow palettes with basic colors). The fourth palette seemed to be too dark and smokey. This is how I actually went to a decision to grab the third palette.

And now let’s pass over to the most important part of my review which I’m so excited about. Honestly guys, I tried my best to make the color description as short as possible. LOL Smile

Strangeit’s a matte shade with a hint of pink color to it. I’d call this product a “pink pearl” I have to confess that I don’t use it a lot but sometimes when I need a basic color, I use it with great pleasure. Sometimes when I think that my makeup doesn’t shine bright enough and when I don’t want to bother with a highlighter, I use this color over my Cupid’s bow and the bridge of my nose. I apply it with my fingers, as I can’t see any point in brushes here.

Dust – shimmer infused tender pink color. Honestly this color looks killer even if I wear it alone on my eyes! I can’t see any point of telling you lies, so I confess that I apply it with my finger, not with a brush! It applies well (pats maybe) all over my lids and stays on super long. Though there’s a downside to this color: it falls out a lot. Even if I apply it over a primer, it still falls out. Some glitter parts will definitely stick to my lashes. But maybe I should take it for granted and think that it brings some charm to my makeup?Smile

Burnoutpeachy satin shade. I don’t use it very often now, as it requires some time to get used to this colors. It is beautiful but I’m not ready to work with it yet.

Limitmatte faint pink shade. Most of all I use it as a base color for some other basic shades but I can also wear it alone, especially in winter or when it’s cold outside, otherwise it isn’t detectable on my skin when it’s warm.

Buzzthis is my favorite shimmer shade from this palette! The color is very complicated and interesting: I’d call it a purple-lilac. I found a way to tame it, and I think that my makeup with this shade always looks unusual and great. The color isn’t screaming but still eye-catching and muted at the same time.

Trickit’s a satin shade which I hardly ever use. I guess I’ve used it a couple of times and still don’t know how to work with it. This color is definitely something new for me and it’s really strange. It’s a real black sheep here. This is the only shade that I don’t understand and don’t know how to use out of the entire palette.

Noonerthis is my love! It’s the most usable and favorite color! It’s matte and lilac-brown. You can use it as a base color, layer it or apply with sheer coverage for the smokey eyes effect. It’s so versatile that I use it almost every time I’m doing my makeup.

Lairthis is a very cunning eyeshadow for me. The color is really bronzy and it looks stunning on my eyes. It’s super packed with pigment.

FactoryI take it as a shimmer shade. I use it for the smokey eyes, as then it looks astonishing on the lids. It’s really matchy and goes well with all the colors from this palette.

Mugshotwarm-toned brown metallic shade with a hint of pink color to it. I haven’t used it a lot yet but I can already say that it’s well pigmented and bright.

Darksidein the refill pan it looks satin, though it turns matte while blending. It’s of such an amazing color that it’s very difficult for me to find the right words to describe it. Well, I should try to do it, shouldn’t I? It’s such a gray-brown shade with a lilac casting. Most frequently I use it to darken the outer Vs but I can also use it for the cat eye with a dampened brush.

Blackheartthis one is the most mysterious and unbelievable colors from the palette. It’s so cosmic! Matte black-purple shade with a lot of pink and sparkling particles. I can use it for the smokey eyes as well as for the crease and cat eyes. The most incredible color here!

I’m so tired of all these color descriptions, that I guess it’s the high time to pass over to the makeup! Smile


All the colors from the palette go well together as they are unbelievably matchy. You shouldn’t be afraid that you won’t find a color match to the shade you choose. I do my makeup myself and I learnt how to do it watching tutorials and I can say that most of the time I’m very pleased with the result I get! My makeup looks killer! And I don’t exaggerate an inch! I was invited to a wedding when I did my makeup myself and I was so happy with the way I looked. I didn’t even expect that I can create such a beauty!

So, here are my makeup examples for you. I have to tell you that I was a little bit in a hurry when I was doing these makeup looks, so I kindly ask you not to judge too strictly if you can see any makeup mishaps like some mascara little spots on the eyelids etc.

  • Here’s the cat eye look I did with a damp brush (it was wedged by the way). The makeup looks neat and this is my go-to makeup look for everyday wear Smile

  • Here’s an example of my weekend makeup. Or for a photoshoot. Here the Limit shade is applied all over my eyelids, then the Buzz shade works as the main color and I darkened the crease with the Darkside. Well, here you can see how dusty the main color is.

  • My makeup for walks and the evening. The Nooner is all over the lids, the Dust is the main color and the Darkside to the outer Vs.

  • And now the most basic and usual makeup looks which I like most of all for daytime wear. I apply some Limit shade and then pat a little bit of the Nooner. I like this “no makeup” makeup, as it looks fab.

The wear time of the products without a primer is about 7 or 8 hours and then they start creasing, alas. But I can say that they stay on for more than 12 hours if I apply them over a primer! I’ve never had eyeshadows before to stay on for so long. I’m ready to praise these eyeshadows for the staying power they provide me with!

Price - $54. I have to say, in my opinion this product is worth the money it costs and it’s not too expensive for the quality and especially considering what a long way the palette will go.

I recommend it! You can also share your makeup looks, I’ll be very interested to see them..

Be always beautiful! XOXO ♥

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Shelushonok recommends Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

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