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Written on Monday, April 16, 2018
Pros: a lot of colors in the palette, easy blending, look beautiful on the eyes, looks expensive, wear time
Cons: price, some shades are dusty

Hey there!

Recently I used to have no eyeshadow palettes and I didn’t bother about it at all Smile But once YouTube and beauty blogs entered my life, I didn’t even realize the moment when I became hooked on beauty products…

Before the purchase: I couldn’t make up my mind on which palette to buy- Naked 1, 2 or 3 by Urban Decay. Color-wise I liked the first palette most of all but at the same time I didn’t like its packaging which is a dust-collector as well as the lack of a big mirror (I understand that the content is the most important in cosmetics, though the outer appearance also plays the part for me). The second palette seemed to be too odd for me in terms of colors and as for the third - I liked everything about it, the colors as well as packaging.


Price: $54

Rather pricey, isn’t it?


The first week after purchasing of the palette, I didn’t even dare to use it. I used to take it out to touch, to smell (by the way there isn’t anything pleasant about this smell, as it’s rather usual and cosmetic-like) and put it back again. Laughing out loud By the way, I think it’ll be fair to mention that at that moment I didn’t know really how to use eyeshadows (though even now I can’t say that I’m still completely aware now) this is why for the first time I didn’t even have a clue on how to use the product right.


It was a rather big digestion, wasn’t it? Smile So now let’s pass over to the palette itself.Smile

The palette was packed into a beautiful cardboard box with all the necessary information on it. I was pretty surprised to discover that it expires within 12 months after opening. But still I deem it’s just formality.

The box had some separation where they also put 4 samples of eyeshadow primers by the brand. Even though these were the sachets, they went a really long way.

It may sound strange but I have to say that I liked the Anti-aging primer most of all, as it seemed to be the easiest to apply. I also liked the Original primer. The Eden base looks yellow (which is fine to conceal small veins on the lids) and the Sin was shining. All in all, I must say that all the primers are excellent but if I were to buy a full-sized primer, I’d opt for the Anti-aging version. I need the tiniest bit of the primer to be enough to apply over both of my lids. Before the next use I just scratched the remaining part of the content that already got dried (and worked as some kind of a lid there) and then took out some more. So, using the primer this way, I assure you that it was enough for 10 times to use (!), even though the sales girls persuaded me that it would be enough only for a couple of uses.

Let’s pass over to the design of the palette. It has a metal case which is smooth and very pleasant to the touch. I like touching it. Smile By the way, this case is good protection for the eyeshadows inside, as I’ve dropped mine on the floor several times and there isn’t a product to break down or anything. It opens easily but it will never pop open itself. Inside the palette you will find the same looking milky-brown-pink plastic, huge mirror, 12 refill pans and a brush. Initially the mirror was sealed with a protecting tape and the brush was wrapped in a plastic bag.

Brush. It’s synthetic, flat and thin at one end (this side is absolutely a waste for me, I can hardly ever use it to outline my lower lash line) and the other side is more furry. I use it as a blending brush, because it’s convenient shape-wise. I wish it was made of natural bristles.

And now - the most interesting! The colors Smile


The first six shades are light:

And the other six shades are darker:

There are 3 matte shades: Strange, Limit and Nooner, the rest are sparkling. The products are different texture-wise hence the quality is different as well. Some swatches:

Strange applied with several coats, beautiful Buzz and Limit:

Two coats of Strange, Nooner and my fave Liar:

Strange with one layer (it’s almost undetectable, isn’t it?) Nooner and Mugshot:

Golden Trick, Darkside and Blackheart which don’t look good without a primer:



Let’s look at each shade separately. Here I applied all the colors with my finger over non-primed skin.

1) Strange: pearl matte shade that is very soft to the touch. It translates well on the eyes, evening out the skin tone. I use this color to set my concealer and it looks very natural there. I find this product even better than a powder for the setting of a concealer. You can wear it without a primer.


2) Dust: it’s just a real sparkling dust. I don’t like this product as it’s too dusty even if I apply it over a base! Several times I even tried to tame it by applying my eye makeup and only after that I applied my foundation. It seemed to be working but still during the day the shimmer falls out a lot under my eyes. Well, in general I like the way this color looks on my eyes. Smile

3) Burnout: it’s a soft golden-pink shade. It offers good quality and there’s no need to prime your skin before this shade application. But still the primer will make this color look brighter and hold up the entire day.

4) Limit: matte muted dusty pink shade. It has good pigmentation though it makes my eyes look cried out. Sometimes I use it as a transition color for the darker shades and blending.

5) Buzz: in my opinion this is the brightest shade out of the entire palette. It looks pinky-lilac, I’d say. It’s shimmer infused but doesn’t fall out, as the quality is awesome.

6) Trick: golden-red-pink shade. Texture-wise it’s a little bit rough yet gliding. It doesn’t want to sit on the brush. It creates the so-called foiled effect on my eyes.

7) Nooner: I guess it’s the basic light-milky-brown shade with warm undertones. I think it doesn’t suit me. Sometimes I can use it for blending, because of its quality and it doesn’t fall out.

8. Liar: this is my love! It’s so sophisticated and beautiful It’s moderate yet eye-catching.The texture is soft and good quality. I guess that I laid my eye on this palette because of this shade. Laughing out loud

9) Factory: this one is the same as the Liar shade quality-wise but the color seems to be more brown-toned and not so interesting as the previous one.

10) Magshot: the quality is the same as of the Liar and Factory shades, it’s a soft bronze color. It looks like Liar, though it lacks that “pink” sophisticated undertone.


11) Darkside: this is the very shade that I don’t like quality-wise. It’s the roughest to the touch and it always applies with patchy spots. But still the color is beautiful - gray over a lilac base. I advise you to use a primer beforehand with this color.

12) Blackheart: black matte shade with red and pink silver sparkle. It’s rather interesting as I’ve never seen such a shade before. It’s a little bit dusty so pat it over a primer or use a damp brush. You can also use this shade for a cat eye (don’t forget to dampen your brush) and then your flicks will look stunning!


I’ll show you some makeup looks which were done with the help of this palette. Some of them may looks too hackneyed but I’m just starting to tame the makeup techniques. And of course I need some time to get used to this palette.


1) Here I applied the Nooner shade to the crease, then the Burnout hue I applied to the inner corners and the Factory to the outer corners of my eyes. I blended the colors with the Strange shade + did a cat flick. I didn’t use a makeup primer for this makeup.


2) Here I applied some primer and then the finicky Dust shade all over my mobile lid. I did the blending with the Mugshot shade and again the cat flick.

In the beginning it looked like this: I had to clean my skin under my eyes and touch-up…


3) No primer and the Mugshot shade in the inner corners. All over the mobile lid I applied the Trick shade and cat flicks:


4) Limit all over my mobile lid + Nooner to blend it out and Darkside to the crease and cat eyes.



5) Primer, Buzz all over the mobile lid, Nooner to the crease and Darkside in the corners and cat flicks. I did the blending with the Strange shade.


6) Limit to the mobile lid, Nonner in the crease and Blackheart is applied with a damp brush.

7) Mugshot over the mobile lid + crease with the Blackhead


Cool Primer + Dust shade to the crease and the flick is done with the Nooner color.


9) Primer + Trick shade to the inner corners and the Liar and Mugshot shades to the center of the lids and the blending with the Nooner shade.


10) Strange is all over my mobile lid and the wing is done with the Blackheart applied wet.

The next Christmas Eve I’m planning to do a rather simple makeup with some accent shade on my eyes. And I guess that this accent will actually be the LIAR shade from the palette.

Here I used a makeup primer, then applied some Nooner shade to the crease and then blended it out with the lightest shade. After that I applied the Liar shade with my finger and a little bit of the Blackheart to the corners.

I mixed the colors together and then added a small cat flick. Maybe I’ll make it bigger, I don’t know. But now my makeup looks like this:

I also used a foundation, concealer, powder, some other eyeshadows, brow gel, gel eyeliner, and a lipstick.


Here’s the result:

Maybe I should also adorn my look with falsies. Currently I don’t have a highlighter, otherwise I’m sure I’d use it as well. This makeup look is very easy to do and only takes about 15 minutes.


So now, I guess it’s time to list the pros and cons of the palette for me.



  • beautiful and sophisticated shades

  • most of the colors are of good quality, they hold on well and I can even wear them without a primer (but still I guess they look less bright than if applied over a primer)

  • the packaging is nice and beautiful + the products are always safe thanks to the metal case

  • along with the palette you’ll get the opportunity to try out 4 good quality makeup primers by the brand

  • the brush is rather good

_____Cons: _____

  • the palette is pricey

  • not all the shades are good quality-wise. I don’t like the quality of the Dust (even though I used it a lot while testing this palette) and Darkside shades

  • Some colors won’t flatter you because of the difference in the skin tone. For example I know that the Limit, Trick and Nooner shades don’t suit me if I use them as the main colors on my eyes. I deem these shades will be more flattering to the girls with dark or brown eyes.

  • A lot of colors look almost the same, especially on the eyes. These are the Liar, Factory and Mugshot.


Overall: Of course this isn’t a must have product but if you can afford it, but if you know what colors will suit you, then why not to buy this Naked 3 palette? In general, I have positive impressions of using this palette.

Thanks for your attention!

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