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Written on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hello ladies!

Today I want to speak you through a very necessary eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. The Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette is done in pink shades and all the 12 colors that it houses have pink pigment in them. Usually some opt for the more brown-toned eyeshadow palettes if they want to have a basic and versatile eyeshadow palette. But I take the Naked 3 palette as very versatile as well, as it has matte, neutral and brown-toned shades here. It’ll be nice to use for an evening makeup look, as well as come up with a lot of day to day makeups.



Mentioning the Naked 3 palette and especially its pink-toned colors, they might hesitate and presume that their eye will look sore or cried out. The second thing that a lot of people are afraid of is that the shades in the palette look almost the same, which can a be a problem if you want to do a lot of different makeups.

From me, I can say that, in terms of makeup, I can come up with at least 3 looks minimum - bright and bold pink, brown and black and of course the matte and shimmer looks.

Although I have to admit that almost every look will have pink undertones.

Also you shouldn’t be afraid to get sore or cried eye looks as there a some neutral shades in the palette. You can also wear them alone for a more muted eyeshadow wash of colors.

Who will find the Naked 3 eyeshadow palette the most flattering? Usually, pink-toned eyeshadows flatter all eye colors but whether they’ll flatter you or not, will depend only on your skin tone and look in general.




In beauty stores that have UD corners or on the official website.

I ordered it from the official site when the palette was discounted. Currently it cost $54.



The palette is rather heavy. It’s made of good quality plastic (inside) and metal (outside). By the way, the outer appearance of the palette remains the same over time. Inside the palette you’ll find a huge mirror on the lid.



One side the brush is flat and round cut. It’s nice to use while patting the color. I also find a use for it when I apply the eyeshadow on the lower lash line or lower lids.

The other part of the brush is fluffy and it reminds me of some other popular blending brushes shape-wise.

In comparison with the previous launch of the Naked 2 eyeshadow palette, I noticed that the brush has changed a little bit. The flat side remained the same while the blending side is different now. I like the renewed brush more, as it’s more convenient in use. It has synthetic bristles and I like how well it translated the color with a semi-transparent coverage. But since the pigmentation of the product is very high, this brush is more advantageous over other brushes that I have. If you don’t have other brushes, I can assure you that you can use only this one which is enough to do a simple makeup look, for example. ______________________________________________


1. Strange- It’s a white matte shade with pink casting. The color is muted but very well pigmented at the same time. It isn’t chalky at all, but on the contrary the texture feels satin to the touch. It’s a perfect color quality-wise.


2. Dust- Sparkling faint pink shade. I’d call it pressed glitter because of its peculiarities during the application. It shines beautifully and make any makeup look festive and bright. I really appreciate this color in the palette.


3. Burnout- Peachy-pink satin shade. It’s very tender and well packed with pigment.


4. Limit- Dust rose matte hue. Most frequently I use it for blending.



5. Buzz- purple pink shimmer shade. My makeup looks bright and very pink-like if I use this color.


6. Trick- Copper-red sparkling shade. This is the only warm-toned and finicky color from the palette. It’s so tightly pressed that it becomes super tricky to pick it up even with my finger. I have to literally scratch it in the refill to translate at least some color to my eyelids.


7. Nooner- brown-lilac matte shade. I find it interesting as I can pack its color to intensify the hue.


8. Liar- it’s a stunning pinky-bronze pearl shade. It’s very soft and well pigmented. I like the way it looks if applied alone.



9. Factory- brown shade with pink undertones. It has a satin texture. I find it versatile as it flatters any eyeshadow color from the palette. The combinations with Burnout and Buzz look the most advantageous.


10. Mugshot- brown metallic shade with pink casting. The quality is superb and I like using it for a very quick makeup. It can be duped, though the color payoff won’t be the same as here. You can dupe it with the Inglot Eyeshadow #402, Mac Satin Taupe, Pewter from the Lorac Pro Palette.


11. Darkside- Satin gray-lilac-brown shade which turns matte on the skin once blended out. I use it to darken the outer V-s.


12. Blackheart- Matte black-vinous shade with a tonal micro sparkle. It’s gorgeous for cat eyes.





I usually do rather simple makeup looks where I use no more than 2 or 3 colors. But of course this palette offers many more options.


1. Nude makeup with a cat flick, Strange + Limit.


2 The same makeup as above but a smidgen darker + some Nooner shade.


3. One more matte makeup with the Nooner all over my mobile lid and Factory to darken the outer Vs.


4. The most warm-toned makeup look with the Trick shade on my movable lids.


5. This is a tender pink makeup looks with the Burnout + Factory and some Nooner shade in the crease .


6. Pink Buzz shade in the center of my lids.


7. Brown Liar + Mugshot.


8. Dust + Nooner + Blackheart here I used the provided brush to do this makeup.

9. Neutral matte Strange + Darkside.


The products have good and very well pigmentation, they have satin textures and all of them are easy to apply and blend out. The shimmer shades can be applied with a damp brush. In comparison with the Naked 2 eyeshadows, these ones offer a better staying power and in general they stay on my eyes longer and look better.



All the colors are unique and even though there are some usual colors, like brown, for example - it’s still not just a regular brown hue, but it has an interesting undertone and unusual finish.

This palette has become my favorite and it literally made me toss the Naked 2 as well as the Lorac PRO palettes. The color selection is so thought-out that I always have a desire to use only this palette.

I’m more than just happy about it, so I give it 5 stars.


Thanks for your attention!


My review of the Lorac Pro eyeshadow palette:

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Lavande recommends Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

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