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Written on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hello pretties!


Reading reviews on this site I decided to give a go to the Wet n Wild brand too.

So, let’s pass over to the review of the hero itself.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Lip Liner

I wasn’t planning to buy this lip liner, but you know spontaneous decisions always happen. I were there to buy just the Mega Glow face powder. The price of this lip liner was rather affordable so there was almost no risk to feel sorry for wasted money in case I didn’t like the product.

  • The lip liner is rather long. This isn’t like the tiny lip pencils we’re all used to. I wish I measured it before use and now could have told you the numbers for a better understanding of its size.

  • The only thing I know is the weight of the product. It’s 1.4g. It closes with a see-through plastic cap. As you can see in the photos, the lettering disappears over time, turning the outer appearance of the product into an unpleasant mess (within a month of use, by the way).

  • The list of ingredients for the interested ones. Smile

  • The product was sealed with a transparent tape which I didn't find difficult to remove. All in all the product was safe which is pleasant. Big smile

  • On the pencil itself you’ll find a picture of a small white rabbit which symbolises that the brand doesn’t test on animals.

  • I have it in the fairest color from those ones that I found on the website which is 712 Willow.

  • Frankly speaking I was a little bit upset at first when I opened it and swatched on my hand. I could see that the color wasn’t nude-brown as I wanted but it had obvious red undertones. I’ve already had such toned lip liner by Bourjois which I can’t actually find the use for and it just lies somewhere about a year now since this disgusting brisk-orange undertones looks odd and annoying on my skin.

  • In action the product turned out to be better in comparison with the first swatched impression. On my lips it looked better and a little muted. Of course it didn’t look as a light-milky-brown color that I expected but it also didn’t look like a rusty-the-hell-knows-what-undertoned shit like Bourjois. Smile

  • The application is smooth and gliding. The lip liner is soft to some extent, though it doesn't break down while use or sharpening. The color payoff is fine (sometimes it happens that the lip product with similar undertones have bad pigmentation and color payoff, as though they are shy to translate the color on the lips).

  • The color in the picture is true to life. Here I used the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in the color #240 over this lip liner). I like the way they both look on my lips, especially the liner as its color adjusts so nicely.


  • I’d say that the staying power is average. It won’t stay on the entire day of course, though it’ll easily stay on for half of the day for sure. I reapply it twice a day, considering that I’m very active. Smile Lipsticks stays on well over this lip liner and never smudges. Smile

  • To the disadvantages I can list is the huge spending. I’ve already mentioned that the product is soft, hence I have to sharpen it each third time I use it. I mean I sharpen it every day. Now I understand why it’s so long. But still I guess it won’t last me a year, as I’m sure to use it up sooner.

  • All in all I liked this Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Liner.

Especially taking into the account its affordable price, I can say that it’s a cheaper dupe for the Lumene lip liners, though the color payoff is worse. But the lasting power is almost the same.

I deem that the Wet n Wild products can really become cheaper swaps for some pricier products. The only thing I want to pay your attention to is the outer appearance. The brand saves money on their packagings, which is rather obvious for the price. I guess the brand offers good and working cosmetic products that you are to use at home. I don’t mean that it’s a shame to take out the Wet n Wild products and use somewhere else except home, I mean that the products will easily get shattered in your purses or makeup bags very quickly. You need to be careful with these products.

My rate is 5 stars with a small minus.

Price: $1.57 Smile

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Triplet recommends Wet N Wild Color Icon Lip Liner

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