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Written on Thursday, April 27, 2017
Pros: great pigmentation, low cost, soft and silky


After reading and watching great reviews about the Wet n Wild palettes, of course, I wanted to buy one.

General information

Nt Wt - 8,5 g

Made in China, the brand country - The USA

The way it looks

Plastic palette with translucent top. It was well packed or it’s better to say sealed from both sides. Inside there is an applicator.

On one end, there is a sponge and on the other something similar to a brush which reminds the brush from a nail polish. They may as well have not put anything as the applicator as it is absolutely useless. If the sponge was made of polyurethane it might have been used, but it’s not.

At the back of the palette there is information from the manufacturer and the makeup schemes.

Each shade is of a good size, and there are 8 of them!

Characteristics and application…

The eyeshadows are of silky consistency with good pigmentation, all shades are shimmery ones.

They last all day!

The scent is almost neutral.

And now about each shade separately

I will speak about each shade when I use it,to demonstrate for you.

For the first makeup I took shade#2 light, honey-colored and applied on the crease with a furry brush:

Then on the eyelid with flat brush I put shade#1 a light beige color:

Shade #3 is bronze, warm and very beautiful. I darken the outer corner and the lower lid, and blend it on the one third of the eyelid.

Then I define the dark shade more with a thick brush and shade #4 in the palette. It’s a very interesting color. From the first sight you can think that it’s dark-brown but actually it’s black with a lot of dark-bronze shimmer in it.

I then added a small line.

And applied mascara and that’s it!

Let’s start the next makeup with shade#2. It looks light-grey in the palette but on the skin it's more complicated. Inside there is cold and a warm small shimmer, in a good light it looks stunning on the skin.

I applied this shade to my eyelid:

Defined the crease with shade #3.

And now in a wet technique and with the help of wedged brush I put liner and blend it in. As a liner I chose shade #7. It looks a bit like shade #4 but there is not so much shimmer in and it’s of a green khaki color, almost black:

Applied mascara and the makeup is done:

And now the most interesting part of the palette! It’s the last shade, #8! Unusual and a very beautiful chameleon color. I don’t know how to describe it right, you just have to see it. Under certain angles, the color changes from orangy-red to turquoise. I read in some reviews that it’s an analogue of a famous MAC shade. But I haven’t tried it, so I can’t say anything about it. However, the shade is truly beautiful and interesting.


I applied this shade to the centre of my eyelid with the sponge, which I took from another palette that's made of polyurethane (looks like rubber). The best way to apply this shade is with your fingers, as all the shimmer stays on. If applied with the brush some shimmer won’t stick to the skin and the play of colors won’t be so noticeable and there will be only red shade.

In the corner of my eyes I applied the first shade and blended it in the edge with the previous one:

On the outer corner I applied shade #6 - a light-green beautiful color with golden shimmer. It’s better to apply with a sponge too:

The crease I defined with shade #2 and also connected all the edges of previously applied shades:

I darken the outer corner with shade#7 pegging the color instead of spreading:

And the edges I blended with the furry brush:

I put on liner with a black pencil:


On the lower lid I applied the same shades which I used on the upper one. And I also like to define the inner side of the lid. To do it, I used a rubber tip which are usually on the kajal soft pencils.


You can imagine hundreds of makeup looks with this palette. It has many interesting and beautiful shades in it, with the help of which you can create great styles.

Summarizing, I can say that the palette is perfect for its price! It’s my discovery! All shades are highly pigmented, easy to blend and work with. There is only one problem that they can fall out a bit, especially when applying dark shades. So I recommend using patches under the eyes or use a concealer when you finish your eye makeup.

I can also say that the packaging is not really presentable but to tell you the truth, for me it doesn't matter. Besides, after seven months in use, it never broke down or anything and looks great!

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