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Written on Friday, March 23, 2018

Hello everybody!

If you read my reviews, you probably know that I don’t like high-end cosmetic products. And it isn’t because of me being greedy, no. It’s simply because the price of high-end products is usually too high and doesn’t live up to the content’s quality.

So, the hero of my review today is one more proof of my theory. Recently I tried out liquid lipsticks by Giorgio Armani which I was completely delighted with and today I'd be very glad to write one more raving review but I always write only the truth about the products, so only the facts and truth, nothing more!

So, fasten your seat belts, we are ready to take off!

Let’s get started!

Price - $38

Made in France.

Product promises:

A lightweight lip stain with a revolutionary formula for ultra-matte, high impact color and a lightweight, naked-lip feel.

This formula gives lips matte tattoo-like color that is lightweight and non-drying, making it ultra-comfortable to wear. The high-pigment color dries instantly, stays fresh, and moves with your lips for up to eight hours of wear. The exclusive liner-like applicator allows for precision outlining and filling in—creating perfectly defined lips every time. The color never feathers or spills over the lip line.

I got this mini of the Yves Saint Laurent YSL Tatouage Couture Lip Stain along with my order from the Sephora website in January. And at first I was so happy about it. By the way, the mini wasn’t so small, you know. It has 3 ml, that’s so fine! It’s more than the full-sized Lime Crime liquid lipstick. I don’t wear red lipstick on a daily basis which means that the mini will go a long way for me. I was so happy to get the Yves Saint Laurent product for free! Smile

💄 Ingredients:

💄 Outer appearance:

The mini arrived to me packed in a small tube which looked different from the previous collection launches. The applicator is also different. I can’t see any point of praising or scolding the packaging here as it’s a mini and the full sized product will look different for sure. The full sized package looks more elegant, I think. As for the applicator I want to ask the following question: Is there anybody who really finds it convenient to work with?…

💄 Scent. I wouldn’t say that the lippie has a high-end lipstick aroma. For me it smells of sweet chemicals with true alcohol notes to it. At first I was a little bit repelled and afraid of this aroma but I’m rather adventurous and took the risk to apply the product over my lips. Smile

💄 Consistency

The consistency is rather runny. Armani lipsticks have a mousy texture, while this product is a hybrid of gouache and Korean lip tints.

💄 Application.

Fuss-free. Even with this applicator I managed to outline my lips well. And considering the color of the product I can freely say that the application is fine as red lipsticks are always cruel and show all the mishaps on the lips like there’s no tomorrow.

💄 Coverage.

The coverage seems thin, though it isn't lightweight or “naked-lip feel” as the manufacturer stated. It seems a little bit like Armani’s lipstick coverage, though it still isn’t so perfect.

💄 Color

It’s red and bold. It has warm undertones and it seems so bright that it looks neon sometimes.

💄 Performance on my lips.

As I’ve already said the lipstick gives rather thin coverage, it’s almost lightweight. But still I can feel it present on my lips.

The finish is satin. The lipstick doesn’t dry out or set completely and is rather travelling on the lips which means that it’ll freely stain everything it touches.

The wear time is about 3 hours provided that you don't eat or drink at that time. After that the lippie starts fading from the inside of my mouth.

The touch-up or layering is nice. The lipstick can’t stand fatty food, so be aware of it.

I’m not upset with the discrepancy of promised and real wear time of the lipstick. I’m not even sad that I didn’t get the promised “matte tattoo-like color” on my lips.

The main disadvantage of this lipstick is that within some time of wearing it starts drying out my lips too much.

This is how my lips look right after application.

And here’s the photo within 3 hours of wearing.

As you can see my lips look as though they are losing their moisture and slightly become less pouty. Then there are nasty scabies that appear on the surface of my lips. By the end of the day I can feel that my lips are really in pain.

And if I go to bed without proper nourishing and moisturizing my lips with a lip balm like Carmex for example, I wake up in the morning with extra-chapped lips which are bleeding.

At first I couldn’t even have guessed that it was caused by the lipstick and used to think that my lips looked terrible because of the cold winter weather.

But later I applied the lipstick again and understood what actually the reason was for my painful lips.

Yesterday I took these photos for the review and then I went out on business with the lipstick on. I wore it the entire day, touching-up from time to time and now I’m writing this review and my lips are super dry and sore.

I don't think that it’s my personal reaction or sensitivity. I can even wear a dollar matte liquid lipstick and my lips will feel fine afterwards. But here is the high-end product which costs almost $40. I deem that such quality for the money is just disrespectful for the buyers.

Yes, it’s probably true that if you apply this lipstick over some lip balm or a silicone based lip primer, your lips won’t dry out so much but you know, if I pay 40 bucks I don’t want to use any other lip products as primers to tame the unruly high-end product.

Yes, I do love the color and I really like the way the product looks over my lips right after application. But I’m not ready to put up with this nasty drying out of my lips. I don’t want to look perfect today and look terrible with super dry lips for the next couple of days.

So, I assess this lipstick with two stars and I don't recommend it for purchasing. There are cheaper and better in quality lip stains out there in the market.

Thanks for your attention! See you in the next reviews!

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