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Written on Thursday, July 27, 2017

Please, don’t be surprised when today you’ll see a Christmas decorations in my review. The photos were taken on Christmas Eve. But actually I didn’t have enough time to write a good and detailed review. So, only today I found some time and I can't wait to show you everything I’ve taken photos of (I mean nail lacquers, of course:)

At first, some photos:

  • The Essie bottle
  • The nail lacquer in the bottle, I tried to show you its shimmer and not only shimmer
  • Number and the name of the color
  • Ingredients (sorry for such photo, just couldn't take it better)
  • Brush and texture

And now photos of manicure, 5 different designs and not only that

I like this nail lacquer by Essie because of two reasons: gorgeous dark blue ultramarine, and its convenient brush which helps to apply the product so easily.

I like to coat my nails in two layers: the first is thin and sheer, and the second is thicker and hides all the streaks and patches. In one thick layer the excesses of the lacquer flow to the finger sides and it doesn't look very pleasant and I have to reapply it again. So, here’s a photo of how the nail lacquer looks like in two coats.


I’m quite delighted with the result

My nails on closer look and in different lighting

As you can see, the Essie nail lacquer itself is very good, isn’t it?

But recently it’s become too boring for me to wear only lacquers and I decided to use different stamping stripes, nail stickers and so on, everything to keep me entertained and happy:)

So, the first design - we need our nail lacquer by Essie and H&M blue metallic


A sort of strict lines, along with stripes ... something like a primitive * plaid * ... but - looks so cool!

Close up


As we can see, in different lighting the Essie lacquer plays with shades differently. It changes from fair to dark. So great!

The second design- Essie + Sculpture Gel nail lacquer

Added some stripes and, voila, enjoy watching:

In the sun its shine is magnificent.

The third design - the same nail lacquer, the same stripes, but the interpretation is a little bit different


If you’d ask me, I like this nail design most of all, rather than grey ring finger.


The fourth nail design - the most frightful one. I used Essie nail lacquer and the glitter. So, I won’t describe it, just have a look yourself.


I want to say that, the moment I took all these photos, I was in the process of healing my nails. They were in terrible condition. My strong nails, began to flake off and break down with every unexpected knock on the hard surface ... The recovery took more than two months.

So, coming back to the theme we’re discussing today - Essie nail lacquer and glitter look stunning. I’m not quite delighted with the quality of the photo I took, actually.

General features:

Coating- For me, two coats are more than enough.

How long does it take to get dry? The first coat dries very quickly, the second, as far as it’s thicker, takes about 10-15 minutes. I don’t use quick dry.


Lasting power - I was a bit upset about it, as I expected it to be better. On the third day there are scuff marks appearing and I have to refresh my manicure. But I’m quite happy with those two days I wear it. I didn’t notice any chips, by the way.


The brush! Oh, I like it. It’s quite wide and soft. I can coat the whole nail from the first layer and it maximally evenly outlines the semicircle of the cuticle - I love the result.

The consistency. I’d put it like this: If you apply the sufficient amount of the nail lacquer it won’t flow anywhere. And of course, don’t make the layers too thick, it won’t look beautiful.


The scent. The usual nail lacquer scent. Nothing special. And it disappears quite quickly.


It doesn’t stain my nails, even when I applied it without a base coating.


The product removes very easily with a remover. A piece of advice: use a lot of cotton pads. Take it as a rule: one cotton pad - one nail. Otherwise you’ll end up with blue fingers. I checked.


So, I can recommend you this color by Essie, if you like it and if you don’t mind its short lasting power. However, I think that the term “lasting power” is rather ambiguous, as it depends on many factors. All in all, I’m pretty delighted with this lacquer, and I can forgive it its two days of staying.


I decided to add some more photos for you to see:)


I took a photo of the lacquer together with Silk Line luxury colors

So beautiful! Especially in winter

And some more

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