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Written on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll be writing about six nails polishes from the NEW ORLEANS collection.


All colors are really sunny, bright, juicy, except, perhaps, the first 2, but they are pearly and delicate.

The names of the shades are noteworthy too. They are weird, but not in a bad way. I have no idea if there is a connection between the name and the color itself.


1. NLN51 Let Me Bayou a Drink


2. NLN52 Humidi-Tea


3. NLN57 Got Myself into a Jam-balaya


4. NLN56 She's a Bad Muffuletta!


5. NLN55 Spare Me a French Quarter?


6. NLN61 Rich Girls & Po-Boys


I like the mini-versions of my bottle, they are transportable and easy to store.


The brush is of normal size, flat and elastic. The fact that it is elastic is a little drawback for half of the colors. I’ll tell why a bit later.



Let's talk about each shade separately.


1. NLN51 Let Me Bayou a Drink


Pearly, sheer, even snowy. After reading the name of this color, I immediately associated the nail polish with it. It’s like a sparkling wine on summer day.


I don’t paint my nails with such pearly colors but I think that this one can be used as a top coat for another color. But there is a little drawback - due to the elastic brush and lightweight formula, it can be streaky.




The next two colors will be shown on my toenails, because I wear gel manicure on my fingernails. Don’t be angry with me Smile


2. NLN52 Humidi-Tea


Maybe this tea is refreshing, but apparently it’s a very light, unsaturated fruit tea.


In any case, the color is very beautiful, pearly and glamorous.


Here is the same problem with the elastic brush and formula, but the streaks are not as noticeable as in the first case.




3. NLN57 Got Myself into a Jam-balaya


I don’t know why they named the color like this, but it's amazingly sunny and fresh. This is exactly what you need in the warm season, something that can improve your mood - a delicate coral hue. It looks charming on the nails, and I really like using it in my pedicure. It looks very nice when I wear open sandals.

But here is the same problem - the elastic brush in combination with the light texture of the varnish makes it really easy to leave streaks after painting. This is one of the reasons my I use these colors mostly on my toes and apply them in 3 coats.


4. NLN56 She's a Bad Muffuletta!


A bright coral shade. Ideal for summer, juicy, truly girlish, bold and really justifies its name. In the photo, it seems to be completely red, but in fact it has a rose undertone. I like it both in my manicure and in my pedicure.


There are no such problems as with the 3 previous colors, it is applied evenly and without streaks.



5. NLN55 Spare Me a French Quarter?


Eye-catching, velvety-berry shade. Perfect both for summer and winter. I painted their nails with it and it looked great. It is applied evenly and without streaks and bald patches.



6. NLN61 Rich Girls & Po-Boys


Oh, those blue colors, I love them with all my heart. It’s a summer, fresh, and marine shade. Suitable both for summer and winter. It stands out so much among this pink-coral-lilac colors.


It is problem-free in application, can be applied evenly and leaves no streaks. In my opinion, it is the most easily applied in this collection.



But unfortunately, the lasting power of these nail polishes is disappointing. They last only about 2 days and then start chipping, which makes me want to repaint the nails as quickly as possible. On the toes, the colors last longer.


Well, I’d give them 4 stars, as the nail polishes are pretty good and beautiful, but there are problems with the application and lasting power.


Thank you for reading another beauty review of mine!

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