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Written on Monday, June 18, 2018

After the first use of the Clinique Exfoliating Scrub I quickly understood that it’s the best cosmetic product for my skin that I’ve ever tried. It gives me that pleasant minty-feel, accompanied with good exfoliation and moreover, it suits all the skin types. But still I believe that it works its best on oily skin.

The design looks pleasant, the minty green soft plastic tube houses 100ml of the product. The spending is minimal, because you’ll need no more than a small pea-sized bit of the product for one use.


The product has got thick and stout texture of white color. It looks like a toothpaste really. And it also smells like a toothpaste for me. The exfoliating particles are pretty big and rough, yet still they never scratch or damage my skin. The cleansing effect is fantastic. My skin is really squeaky-clean after use. During the use of the product my skin experiences a pleasant cooling sensation from the formula. It’s uber comfortable especially in summer! Like a spa! Smile

There’s salicylic acid in the components which is here to affect the oily skin for the better. I deem that this product will be too rough for you if it’s sensitive or thin.

When I tried this scrub for the first time I was absolutely raving about it! Now I can say it for sure that once I use this tube up, I’ll quickly head for a new package. After using this product, my skin feels very smooth and clean, pores seem to be smaller and in general the complexion looks healthier. The product also controls the oily sheen.

It beautifully evens out my skin texture and it doesn’t dry out my skin at all. Yet still I prefer applying my moisturizing cream after the exfoliation, since my skin is prevalent to dryness.

My foundation or powder always apply well over my exfoliated skin.

The scrub reminds me of a cleansing peeling product, while the exfoliating particles are like sand for me. The product lives up to all the promises it gives: it nicely exfoliates my skin and really cleanses my pores. The product polishes the surface of my skin and after each use my skin looks smooth and my complexion is glowing. I use this product 1 or 2 times a week and each time I fall in love with the results!

This Exfoliating Scrub has become the best and the most effective product for me. I think that if you have oily skin, this scrub should definitely become one of your staple skin care products.

Price: $22

Thanks for your attention.


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MirandaBeauty recommends Clinique Exfoliating Scrub

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