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Written on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

It’s such a rare occasion for me to meet a really good and working product nowadays. So now I’ve got no rights to keep silent. And I want to tell you about a cream, which is worth all the big money that it costs.


1. Product name: DNA Eye Balm (DNA states for Do Not Age)


DNA Eye Balm
DNA Eye Balm


2. Price: Currently the product is priced $129 on the official site, but six months ago I bought it two times cheaper (some other website retails it for $80).

3. Made in the USA

4. Size: 15 ml

5. What’s it for: nourishing and skin renewal


DNA Eye Balm
DNA Eye Balm


6. Packaging: it’s a thick plastic casing with a convenient press pump. Hold the bottom of the tube and turn its base to the right for the nozzle to go in and out.

The nozzle has never been stuffed with the product for the time that I was using it.

Currently, I’ve run out of it and maybe there’s still something left inside on the rims (I don’t know since the tube isn’t see-through).


Initially, the tube came packed with a cardboard cover box.


DNA Eye Balm
DNA Eye Balm


7. Product description: the cream is semi gel-like texture-wise. It’s really smooth and pliant. The smell is light, unobtrusive and comfortable. My nose doesn’t detect it and in general, I can’t make out any aroma on my skin from this product.

It smoothly applies over my skin, never glides off or budges (I always try to use dabbing motions for its application), it doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind and it always feels as though my skin is breathing with it, even though the product’s texture is far from being lightweight (of course, because it’s described as “ultra-rich cream”).


The texture of the product is shown in the picture below. This is the exact amount that one press of the pump dispenses:

DNA Eye Balm
DNA Eye Balm


Once I start dabbing it into my skin, the texture turns into a transparent gel:

DNA Eye Balm
DNA Eye Balm


By the bright lights, it becomes visible that the product also has some silicone to the formula. This is all due to that silicone that the product forms a lightweight film on my skin. But there isn’t any film visible on my under eye skin:

DNA Eye Balm
DNA Eye Balm


The texture of the product is thick and creamy. It doesn’t run down even when I turn my hand upside down:

DNA Eye Balm
DNA Eye Balm


8. Ingredients:

DNA Eye Balm
DNA Eye Balm


9. About my skin and its peculiarities: I’m 32 yo, my skin is dry, not too wrinkled. Even if I have crow’s feet, they are still barely visible and minimal. My under eyes are dark and I don’t suffer from puffiness.


10. Use: I started using this balm in spring and finished it some days ago, at the beginning of October. For the first three months I dared to use it only overnight and in summer ventured to use it twice a day.

One pump press is enough not only for my eye area but also for my lip skin. Even though it feels like the pump presses gently, it still gives out too much of the product which is sufficient enough for two uses. I count that this tube might go a longer way, for a year maybe, but since the pump isn’t perfect, it was enough only for 6 months.


I usually apply the balm all around my orbital bone. The product performs perfectly well on my skin: it distributes beautifully and it doesn’t leave any residue behind.

I also use it as a concealer primer.


11. My impressions of use and results: the texture of the cream seems to be ideal. It’s pliant and it never clumps on my skin when I apply it. It always leaves such a comforting feeling behind. No stickiness or greasy film.


It goes on well with my makeup and doesn’t even require any special primer or anything even for a concealer.

As for the product’s action, I can see that it smoothes out my fine lines and it looks as though it fills them in. My skin is smoother and even after use of this cream.


The silicone component does its job and is the second in the list of ingredients for a reason. But silicones are different and I have to say that I’ve never had such a result from any other silicone-infused eye cream.


The product sinks in quickly, leaving comfortable and silky feelings behind. Once I touch my under eye skin with fingers, I can feel how soft it is and I want to touch it again and again.


The accumulative effect is there because my dark under eye circles have become less visible after using this cream for 6 months. And it also feels as though my skin around the orbital bone has become thicker.

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that my skin with this cream has never dried out in spring or fall, as it usually happens with more lightweight textured creams. This product really nourishes my under eye area, though it does it gently, not over weighing it or leaving a greasy residue behind.


However, I admit that it doesn’t fight fine lines. Yes, I can still see them, however, I haven't noticed any new appearing. Looking through the photos from my previous reviews (of creams, patches, etc), I can’t say that currently, my skin looks different or better. In my book, this all states that the product works, not so globally though, but it managed to stop my skin from aging.


This is a picture of my skin 6 months ago:

DNA Eye Balm
DNA Eye Balm


My skin today:

DNA Eye Balm
DNA Eye Balm
DNA Eye Balm
DNA Eye Balm


I don’t see any gross difference in the pictures.


Briefly about the DNA eye balm:


  • the texture is pleasant

  • it nourishes my skin, making it plump and supple even when it’s cold

  • no greasy film behind

  • it visually evens out fine lines

  • there’s accumulative effect, as my skin always looks nourished

  • my under eye dark circles reduced

  • it works well as a makeup primer


12. Disadvantages of the balm:

The only con of this product is its spending. The pump gives out a double portion of the cream and I have to apply it on my lips. But, for the money it costs, I wish it was more economical. The 15 ml tube was used up within 6 months, even though such products with almost the same texture usually go for a year for me!


13. My verdict: this DNA Eye Balm fights all the fine lines and small wrinkles well, visually evening them out and nourishing my skin. I appreciate that my skin has never been dried out or tightened for the whole day that I wore the product, even though I could wear my makeup over it.

I’m pleased with the results I get. However, I’ll still keep on trying other anti-age products for me. For instance, the Lierac cream costs almost the same and it also works well.


DNA Eye Balm
DNA Eye Balm

I take off a star for the huge spending. I do believe that the nozzle could have been smaller to give out the lesser amount of the formula each time I press the pump.


I give it 4 stars and recommend for purchasing (of course if you close your eyes for the price tag).

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Avde eva recommends DNA Eye Balm

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