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Written on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

I want to start off saying that I’m a realist, so I don’t believe in cosmetic miracles. Yes, I understand perfectly well that with the help of high-quality makeup and the magic wave of the hand of a professional makeup artist, you can camouflage almost all your skin flaws and turn into an incredible beauty. But it doesn’t work when it comes to skincare, where everything is upside down: you can gain good results only through hard and frequent work for a few weeks or even months (depending on what is at stake).

You can temporarily “patch” your skin with some products but if you want to extend the time of your beauty or fight some specific aesthetic problem, a one-time beauty session will never be enough for cardinal changes.

This Buttermask for lips from Kiehl’s made me change my mind and believe that the impossible is possible, and the result can really be seen in just a few days!

I admit at once that Kiehl’s skin care products have been actively nursing and transforming my face and body for many years now. But, apart from the Kiehl’s excellent lip balms, there was really nothing more for this delicate zone of mine (until recently!) This lip mask with coconut oil and wild mango butter quickly caught my attention.

As soon as I received the newsletter, which described all the characteristics of this magical product, I went to the brand counter and bought the mask for testing.

Taking the ball before the bound I confess that I’ve never regretted my decision. Kiehl’s Lip mask didn’t just meet my expectations but it really surpassed them! And the secret of success is very simple: all thanks to its amazing efficiency and an incredibly easy way to use it!

There’s nothing magical or supernatural about it but even a small difference can be decisive in the makeup world. So it happened! When I decided to buy a second pack, I had to hunt for it for some time because there were too many other people interested in it.

The packaging design of Kiehl's Buttermask for Lips is completely designed in the traditional style of the brand and is run in neutral colors.

Everything looks very harmonious and neat. The product is packed with a small compact jar with a screw cap (volume - 8g). The size is perfect because the jar will stay in place in your handbag and travel cosmetic bag. BUT you need to apply it with your finger which is not always convenient and hygienic, but they just didn’t provide us with a spatula. What a pity!

Kiehl’s Buttermask for lips has a tough, oily, wax-like texture that instantly “melts” on the skin and transforms into some kind of a creamy transparent fluid.

Kiehl's Buttermask for Lips is very easy to apply and it quickly begins to work, literally from the very first minute, actively moisturizing and nourishing this delicate lip area.

This mask is an optimal choice for those with dry, chapped and/or irritated skin in this area, because it intensely restores water balance, gives an instant feeling of comfort, and also provides a healthy and beautiful look! I also want to note that Kiehl's Buttermask for Lips will be a great helper for those who like to bite their lips (including me!), as it promotes rapid healing of the skin and improves regeneration, heals wounds and microcracks.

There are 3 possible uses for this Kiehl‘s lip mask:

1. Directly as a mask (apply with a thick layer on the skin of your lips and leave on overnight).

2. As a lip balm (can be applied on the lips in the afternoon with a thin layer for moisture and comforting sensation).

3. As a lip primer to prep this area before makeup (the product is applied to the lips for 15 minutes and the leftovers are removed with a tissue).

Honestly, I can no longer imagine my lip care without this mask. It’s perfect for me. The high price is fully justified by its minimal spending and maximum efficiency. So, I can only highly recommend it!

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Beautyexpert recommends Kiehl's Buttermask For Lips

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