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Written on Tuesday, June 26, 2018


I started using peeling gels just recently, which is a bad thing Smile I wish I did it earlier. Earlier I used scrubs, but my sensitive skin had a lot of issues, so they were too aggressive for me. Plus, they don’t remove the flakey bits as efficient as peeling gels do.

So, Elizavecca Hell Pore is the second product of the kind that I try. Earlier I had Holika that I was obsessed with.

By the way, Elizavecca turned out to be even better than Holika. So, let’s start the review.

Size: 150 ml

Price: about $13

The design is typical for the brand and very lovely Smile

The product comes in a normal tube made of soft plastic. It has a flip top.


On the package you can find the suggested use, but I’d like to tell you how I use it a little later.


The texture is transparent and doesn’t bleed. The scent is fresh and citrus.

The peculiarities of the peeling gel:

It’s very important not to overdo it, otherwise it won’t peel in rolls, and you don't get good results!

The amount you see in the picture is enough for my entire face. I apply it to my forehead, nose, smile lines and chin. After that I wait a few seconds and then rub my skin.

It peels but not the way I would like it to…

1. I believe that this gel is more suitable for dry skin prone to flakey bits.

2. If it doesn’t peel off in the first go, I dampen my face with water slightly and and rub it again. The residue peels into rolls much better then. So, I use the product in two steps.

3. Also, it may stick in my peach fuzz, although I’m not that hairy. So I usually have to additionally rinse off the gel’s residue. Be careful with eyebrows as well Smile

Some of you probably wonder why I'm applying so much force with this product. Well, it does seem too much, but in reality the use is very simple. I just wanted to point out these peculiarities for you. So, I don’t take off any stars for that. The results are definitely worth it!

Putting it mildly, I was so underwhelmed by the results after the first use, but I couldn’t help it! After a while I got the hang of it and now it’s my favorite Smile

My experience and results:

My skin: I have thin and dry skin with enlarged pores in my T-zone. It’s also sensitive and has rosacea, blackheads and occasional pimples. If you have similar skin type, scrubs are not for you either. Go for peeling gels.

I guess, they are a real salvation for dry skin.

After I wash it off, my skin feels smooth, even and airbrushed looking. My pores are narrow and the blackheads are lighter. All the dry patches are gone and my skin is silky smooth.

Also, I have some redness after use, but it’s OK with my sensitive skin. The redness fades very quickly.

The product doesn’t dry out my skin. It feels like it removes the excess dead skin and my skin starts breathing. I use it once a week or more, if required.

After use I prefer moisturizing and nourishing my skin. The results are awesome!

In addition, it goes a long way!

I recommend you try the Elizavecca Hell Pore Vitamin Bright Turn Peeling Gel but keep in mind the peculiarities I mentioned before. Also, do not expect any miracles! Smile You can get visible results only if you take good and thorough care of your skin!

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Thank you for your attention!

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Sun_mis recommends Elizavecca Hell Pore Vitamin Bright Turn Peeling Gel

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