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Written on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hello there!

It’s time to share with you my impressions of the legendary, best-selling product by the American brand Kiehl’s. And before expressing my opinions, I want to say that I don’t actually understand why they all rave about this product so much. I haven't experienced any Wow effect during use and I can’t say that I had only positive impressions by the product. I still keep using it, so let’s get started.


The full name of the product is:

Kiehl's Since 1851 Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Product description:

Get refreshed, revitalised and younger-looking skin overnight with Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, developed specifically to repair and regenerate while you sleep.

The treatment banishes dry skin overnight, working hardest between midnight and 4am, when skin is at its most absorbent.

A perfect concoction of ingredients, including omega-6 fatty acids, lavender, evening primrose oil and perennial Kiehl’s favourite squalene, combine to not only replenish much-needed moisture but increase radiance, which can be seen the next day.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is ideal for anyone with dry skin and can be used alone or under moisturiser. With just a few drops, you can have younger-looking skin come the morning.

Key Benefits:

  • Repairs skin overnight with instant results

  • Unique formula of ingredients, 99.8% of which are naturally

  • paraben free

How to apply:

Apply two or three drops to clean skin. Distribute evenly by gently pressing your fingertips over your cheeks, forehead, and chin, then massage into skin. Use alone or under moisturiser.

Outer look:

The product was packed in a blue carton box.

The concentrate itself was packed in a dark blue glass bottle with a screw black plastic top lid.

I like the blue glass design of the bottle, as it looks spectacular in the sun. I know that it’s not only me who is captivated by the bottle, I read other people’s reviews and they love it too. Smile


The top lip is infused with a glass dropper for the convenient taking out and application of the concentrate. It works really simply. You need to screw off the top lid, press the button that is at the top lid and then take the concentrate out with the dropper.


Consistency, color, fragrance:


The consistency is oily and smooth. I can say that it’s color-less. The fragrance is floral and reminds me of the scent of chamomile and some other herbs. I like and really appreciate such fragrances in the products that take care of my face.


How I use it:


I take some concentrate with a glass gropper (3-4, no more like the manufacturer advises), I pour them into my palms, rub it between them and then start massaging the product into my face and neck. I always do it after I use toner on my face and it sinks in fully. If you need me to add some more details, then the process looks like this: I wait for about five minutes after the toner application (since I don’t use a cotton pad for application, the process of sinking the product in can take longer than it would usually take if it was applied with a cotton pad). And after the full soaking in of the toner, I apply the concentrate. Why do I prefer applying the concentrate on my dry skin? You see, here physics plays a part. Water and oil will never work together well, so if you want to see the result, you’d better bear it in mind. Straight after the concentrate application, my skin looks shiny (oily) which is rather obvious because of the product’s consistency, but for me that’s not a problem. I use the product only overnight, as the manufacturer advises, and go to bed. No unpleasant feelings or irritation.


The product sinks in fully, like there was nothing oily present on the skin only at about 1-2 am.



The result of using Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate on my skin:


I read a lot of reviews of this product and in general, they were all saying that after the use of this concentrate, their skin started to look better, it was rejuvenated and refreshed. I don’t see anything of that kind with my skin. No changes on the skin color or discoloration evening out.

I have combination skin which tends to dry. My cheeks tend to be the most dry. Even in summer, when many of us suffer from oily skin, my cheeks have small dry patches on them. Well, I conclude that the concentrate doesn’t work with those dry patches and there’s actually no moisture to any other parts of my face.


In the morning my skin looks supple and moisturized, that’s true, but all the moisture effect disappears after I wash my face. It’s strange but I have a strong desire to apply moisturizing cream after the face wash as my skin doesn’t feel supple and moisturized anymore. I expected to get some prolonged or accumulative effect, but no, there isn't any. Maybe I need to use some nourishing face cream after I apply this concentrate nightly. But still, I’m not sure that my skin would feel good under so many layers of cakey products.

For the time that I’ve been using this product, I haven’t noticed any acne appearing or outbreaks, which is great but still no other results either.

I'm thankful that it hasn’t irritated my skin or caused any allergic reaction.




Volume: 30ml. It expires within 1.5 years after opening. The product goes a long way. For the time of using it, I’ve used up only a third (or even less) of the bottle.


Made in the USA

Time of use: 3 months almost daily

Price: $47



I was hooked on the sounding “best-selling”, “legendary” and other promises. But actually, I haven't received any different results. I keep using it as a moisturizing product overnight.

I take a star off for the poor moisturizing properties and for the overstated claims of the product that doesn’t work for me!

Maybe I need to put it 3 stars? Well, okay, I’ll give it 4 stars but with a huge minus. I still recommend the product for purchasing, as maybe the fault is in my skin that doesn’t like this concentrate. But, on your skin it may work wonders, who knows?

As for me, I can say that I’ll never repurchase.

Thanks for your attention and have a good shopping day!

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