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Written on Thursday, August 1, 2019

Hi everyone!

A year ago I ran out of my day cream and bought a new one from Kiehl’s. I couldn’t help but buy this hyped serum too, though the purchase wasn’t spontaneous.

First of all, this serum is always among the most best-selling products on their site.

Second of all, it was advertised by so many celebrities. Plus, most of the reviews I’ve read on the internet were positive.

So I’ve made my decision and purchased the smallest bottle to check out how it would work on my face.

The ingredients are good, but some may cause allergic reactions.

The serum is designed for any skin type which means that it should give enough moisture for dry skin or but not too much moisture to oily skin.


The bottle is made of thick dark glass. They’ve made even the travel-size cute.

Beautiful inscriptions promise to restore and rejuvenate your skin overnight (for those like me who believe in magic).

The concentrate should be used up within 18 months after unsealing.

I used it every night for 7 months. Then, I didn’t touch it for three months.

The problem is, the dropper is too short, and the bottle must be tilted in order to pick up the serum.


The serum is runny and oily.

My impressions:


  • This oil is nice to use. It’s really quality.
  • I used it every evening after my cream or sometimes solo.
  • My skin dried as quickly as before, which means the serum didn’t help it hold water.
  • The appearance of the skin will be the same with any non-comedogenic oil.

before and after
before and after


  • In my opinion, the smell is pretty choking.
  • The serum soaks in quickly yet doesn’t improve anything about my skin. Actually, it only makes it drier after a few hours.
  • Treats acne. During breakouts, I used this serum and it worked, maybe due to its drying effect.
  • It’s definitely overpriced.
  • There is no effect and I don’t get the hype about this serum.
  • There are better and cheaper face oils out there, while this one does absolutely nothing. I tried to give it a chance but no miracles happened.

Now I use this as a body oil after a shower as I’m impressed with the ingredients, so many oils in one bottle.

Not recommended for those who suffer from dryness and flaky skin.

For me it was just a waste of money.

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Natabee doesn't recommend Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

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