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Written on Monday, March 18, 2019

Hello there! I’m here with a review of a product from the Japanese brand Shiseido!

I bought it discounted from one of the beauty stores.




PRICE: $23

Look at this cute one!

It must work miracles with my skin” - I thought and bought it.

The packaging is beautiful and posh:


Product says:

Reveal the coveted look you thought only a selfie filter could deliver! This game-changing formula acts like a smart filter with a skin-blurring effect reducing the appearance of pores and leaving skin with a fresh, smooth, matte look. The velvety, lightweight texture uniquely turns matte on skin and immediately absorbs excess sebum from skin’s surface. Visible pores become less noticeable. Sleek and compact, the container slips easily into your pocket, giving you the power to have beautiful, selfie-perfected skin anytime, anywhere.

Smell: pleasant and powdery.

The consistency of the product: it’s rather runny. My skin care moisturizer is thicker. Well, it’s a serum after all.

Color: pale pink

When I apply it onto my skin, the product immediately runs down my face. It distributes rather nicely and I find it handy to take out of the tube:

My skin is mixed.

My T-zone is dry, especially in winter, while other zones are of a normal type. Sometimes in the summer my forehead, chin and nose can become oily.

They recommend us patting the product over areas of shine and pore concerns. Now it’s winter and my face isn’t oily at all but I still tried this product out.


before (upper photo) / after (bottom photo)
before (upper photo) / after (bottom photo)
This serum does really work. It feels like it really filters my skin, making it matte, visually perfect and free of pores and reddening.

When I touch my skin, it brings me a sensation of talc on my face. I think that this product will be especially advantageous for the oily skin type! As for my skin, there are some areas where it only defines my flaking skin (nose, blemishes and lip area).

And here is my hand after the product application:

Key ingredients:

  • Photogenic Skin Technology acts like a smart filter by visibly reducing the look of pores while giving skin a beautiful smooth look.

  • Oil Targeting Micro Powder helps absorb excess sebum on skin’s surface for a long-lasting matte finish throughout the day.

  • PhytoTarget Complex enhances skin’s natural moisture factors*, to help build skin’s resistance to external stressors.

However, I haven’t found any “natural moisture factors” (neither on my face nor on my hands). My skin was tightened and I also had to wash my hand.

My verdict is the following: the product is controversial for me. I think it won’t flatter everyone. It’s more seasonal. I assume that it’ll be good for summer for some particular areas of oily skin.

In fact, I think that this serum is a waste of money! So, I give it 3 stars, which is neither good nor bad.

Thanks for your attention!

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tat_04 recommends Shiseido Smart Filtering Smoother Serum

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