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Written on Monday, August 13, 2018
Pros: delicate cleansing, excellent performance, it doesn’t irritate my skin
Cons: the price isn’t the most affordable

I love the It's a Wrap remover from Smashbox for more than its beautiful blue packaging. It isn’t such an easy task to win my heart over, you know. However, the fact that this is the fourth bottle of this duo-phase makeup remover on my shelf (not counting the mini versions that I take with me for travelling), I deem that it symbolizes something. In particular it already symbolizes my loyalty to the product because it’s perfection in all respects and it always meets all my demands.

About my demands- For me the most important thing about my makeup (aside its beauty and harmony of course) is its wear time. I dislike bothering about my makeup and how it looks during the day, wondering if everything is okay with my face and my mascara hasn’t started to flake off like hell or my eyeshadows haven't traveled down. I love being sure that everything looks neat and beautiful and I'm shining bright like a diamond. So, this is why I usually have to wear long-wearing makeup products.

And it all might have been great, if only I didn’t have some other demand as well. And it totally contradicts the first demand, you know. I always want to take off my makeup quickly and easily. I hate rubbing my eyes when they go red and everything. So, some time ago I had to choose between either the staying power of my makeup or it’s mild removing.

But about 4 years ago, the Smashbox brand entered our lives to the fullest with their killer lipsticks, amazing makeup primers and over-the-top eyeshadows. It not only entered our lives, it literally “veni, vidi, vici” us! A lot of girls became hooked on their cosmetics and of course I wasn’t standing aside. My idea was the following - if this is a photoshoot-proof cosmetic brand (photo shoots usually last really long, right? That means that the staying power of their products is phenomenal, which is all about my demands), then they should definitely have a product to take all that makeup off in the end. And I was right!

So, It’s a Wrap is a duo-phase makeup remover, that means that it consists of water and oils, which are to be mixed together before use. Shake the bottle well to create a bubbling cocktail, which will definitely convince your makeup to leave your skin and eyes.

It suits for eye and lip makeup removing (easily say goodbye to waterproof mascaras and so trendy liquid lipsticks!).

And of course here I want to say thanks to those photo gurus who came up with such a miracle product! The remover is uber soft (I even want to say “silky”). It doesn’t irritate my gentle eye or lip skin, yet at the same time it beautifully removes EVERYTHING that must be removed! And of course not because of rubbing of my skin, indeed! It’s just magic! It’s a Wrap is some kind of a superman for me, which is ready to come and wash my pigmented and long-wearing makeup off gently and effectively every day.

One swipe with a cotton round and that’s it, the invisible man has taken all my makeup away!

By the way, the product is ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, which is also a good bonus to the pros of the remover. From me I can assure you that my eyes have never been irritated or red after use. It’s a really mild product. And of course I want to pay some time to the wide neck and convenient top cap of the product. It’s so safe that I’m sure that my remover will never pop open. This cap is super travel-friendly, because it ensures the safety of our cases and what’s inside them.

I adore this It’s a Wrap makeup remover. And I see that it adores me too, because there hasn’t ever been any accident or a day when it let me down.

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cement-mixer recommends Smashbox It’s a Wrap! Waterproof Makeup Remover

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